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Thanks guys!

rpmorey - Sounds good, what style are you building?

WALLE - Yeah, another friend of mine made the same suggestion...well either that or get them foam filled. Certainly something to think about, might swap them out after it's all done.

crackhead - Ah...if only I had that sort of space for a big 'ol table. In the spring I'm planning on putting a small shed in the back yard to clean up some of the garage...then I can get a more permanent working table. So far I've been able to keep it decently square...but the problem has been with warping when welding a long solid bead. It was def a lesson learned when I welded up the smoke inlet on the smoke chamber! When I do the same on the firebox, I'm gonna try the stitch...basically what you were suggesting to try and keep the warping to a minimum.

Actually, the inner / outter skins are only 14ga and the square tube bracing is 1/8" steel. The stacks are 1/4" steel and it was soooo much easier to weld that :)

Anyway...was a slow build weekend...apparently the wifey's idea of quality time is NOT picking up a grinder or metal saw to help with the smoker ;)

Framed out a number of panels for the firebox and hung one of the doors on the smoker.

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Still planning, rectangular, reverse fllow, 30" high X 48" wide X 24" deep cooker box, with 4 slide out/removable racks, 24"X24"X20" fire box,30"HX14"DX24"W smokeless warmer box, single wall construction, mounting on Harbor Freight cheapy trailer, trailer ordered, still waiting
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Ok...after digging out of 2 feet of snow...progress...slow progress...

A few more lessons learned:

1) I really should've made the stand about 4" shorter, turns out I'm not as tall as I thought I was.

2) Despite the smoke chamber, stand, etc coming in at ~600lbs, a 300lb fire box off the back disrupts the balance. Gotta find some more weight to put on the stand...maybe a few hundred pounds of firewood...who knows.

3) 60" long doesn't seem like alot on paper...but in reality...whoa.

Should have the firebox done tomorrow...hopefully!

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looking good, I like the size.
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Great build....I to will be doing a small one first for a test run my self...then maybe next year I will tackle one this size...keep the pics coming.points.gif
..oh and nice supra...I had a 10 second honda a couple years ago...never did a 5 second pass but man that must be fun. people don't realize what it takes to get cars to be that quick from a dig.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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this is going to be a nice rig...............
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Thanks guys...

GOT14U - you're right on, the lower / mid 5sec 1/8 miles are wild and that's not even all that quick compared to alot of guys. I need to get some more seat time and work on it. It'll coast to high 8's coasting after a solid 1/8 mile :)

But onto the smoker...

Got the other door mounted, overall I'm happy...but...for some reason they sag a big in the middle creating a small gap. I'm not too worried, since I'm going to run a plate the length of the door (top to bottom) on one door and then use twisting handles on the other door to pull them both in and lock in place, but still...

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i could tell from the supra you like to go big...same with the smoker...nice build...

ever thought about recessing magnets in the doors to get them to close cleanly? (just a thought)

keep the pics coming and i need a pic of your first burn...
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Looking Good,
Hey Phillysingle, wheresabout in Philly are you?
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Try getting a 6,000 lb diesel truck to run 10's believe me it is not easy but it sure is fun!!!

Awesome build you have going!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI am going to build a propane tank wood smoker first then try one similar to yours and the Iron Maiden PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hey...Merry Christmas all!

Hadn't thought about the magnets, but I think I will be able to get them even and tight once I get the twisting / locking handles installed.

SQWIB - Actually, it's a left over screen name from when I lived over in PA...western philly. Now...sigh...I'm in fabulous Southern NJ. Pretty close to center city though. Feel free to stop by anytime :)

NWBHoss - Ha...actually after I get done this one, I'm going to build a smaller (36") pipe smoker, just for the heck of it. I have another idea in mind...As for your 10sec Diesel...badass! I had a '97 CTD a few years back that was modded. No where near 10sec...but man that big ass truck on 35" tires embarrassed ALOT of cars. Loved rolling out the soot. But only 6,000lbs?!
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off topic: I haven't read the entire thread so it may have been asked but whats the Supra run?
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Ha...best run was 5.35 @ 141 in the 1/8 and coast to 8's. Running 5.80@133 (might be off on that mph) in the 1/8 and it coasted to 9.3x @ ~100mph.

5.8x on ~15-16psi
5.35 on ~20-21psi

But would keep trying to blow the tires off shifting into 2nd, just around the 1/8. Never got around to getting enough seat time / tuning time to really put the hammer down. Hopefully this Spring I'll have some more time :D
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Getting there...might actually be ready for a break in smoke very soon! Still have to get the cooking racks installed and ALOT of grinding to do...to smooth it all up before painting!

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Well...all but done now! Just have to frame out the cooking racks...spend about 5hrs grinding and cleaning up my welds :) Then paint it...whew...what a trip...

Home made hinge :D


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Looking good, keep them pics coming
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Well...the 3+ feet of snow has finally melted and I managed to con...err...convince a few friends to help me push this monster to the backyard.

Wow...lots of lessons learned during the build for the next one and lots of lessons learned for moving one of these 900lb monsters!

Now, just need to break out my 15 cans of paint and get this thing looking a little better ;)

Thanks for all the help and tips and of course BBQ Eng for the inspiration...

Time to get some cookin done.

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beautiful smoker, you go to have much pleasure of itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well, last night I seasoned the smoker, got a big 'ol fire going and let her rip.

Other than doing a better job at welding....I think I'd have 2" insulation on the top of the smoke chamer. I have 1" throughout the smoker chamber and 2" for the firebox. however, I can still feel a good amount of heat on the top of the smoke chamber even with 1" insulation. But the rest of it stays cool to the touch :)

Question for you guys...

I know the general idea is to always leave the exhaust stack(s) wide open and control with the firebox intake...but...say for an overnight smoke, after the time the meat is really absorbing alot of smoke and its really just needs a steady temp...I feel like it would be a good idea to really cut back on the exhaust stack to trap even more heat inside vs. letting it just go up the stack??
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Asking more than telling here...

Won't you just create a "dirty" smoke by doing that? Meaning you will have the black stuff settling on your food, leaving a bitter taste.
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