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Really good weekend...............;}-

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The weekend started to be a Saturday with the wife,my kid and his girlfriend and kiddos,well it has lasted since Friday 6pm and it's now 9pm Sunday. The Brisket is GONE

The Fajitas didn't last the day yesterday

So, today they go and get some Ribs and some big ole Bird Breast.

The ribs went on at 1:30pm and the Chix shot was at 4:30pm. Ribs got 6hrs. and 3 on the chix @ 225*F,all wood(Oak and Cherry 60/40).

here it is comingoff the smoker...


and my attempt at platingicon_wink.gif
I tried to get a shot of the Horde at the table, but they were too fast and the frenzy lasted till only one Rack was left for the week. But Hijo hasn't gone home yet,so I may be left with NO leftover Munchies!!!
Oh, well. There is next weekend...only problem; What to do ???

Thanx for looking at my party and
Stan aka Old School

P.S. The son said today that Trish and I will be having a new DIL and two Grand children. That turned out to be a pretty good early B-day present....I'm a proud PappyPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good BBQ. Good food, good friend and family, thats whats its all about right?
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The best part has to be the family time. We get the kids once a month and with 9 grandkids we have soooooo much fun
Every one is into something different . I get to take the young ones on a tractor ride and the older ones cook with us
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I agree with Meat, its albout family enjoying your BBQ.. and grandkids... that make it all just one level higher. Thanks for sharing.
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Great Looking Q...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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now that looks like a good time for good food and good family together time. I hope yopu don't ever stop them either. You'll never have enough of them either.
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