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Roquefort(cheese) Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Pears

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Saw this in food section last month and decided to try it.

Added fresh crushed rosemary,dried tyme,salt,black pepper,bread crumbs and Roquefort cheese together for stuffing.

Pounded flat 2 pork tenderloins and stuffed.

My helper William.He liked the smell of the cheese.

Cut up a couple pears

I was gonna do this on webber kettle at 400 degree,but i only had one funnel of lump left and needed 2.Next time will be done with apple wood.

Into 400 degree oven with pears,after browning tenderloins.
Here it is after 12 minutes per side.....

Recipe called for de-glazing pan with 1 cup chicken stock,tablespoon vinegar reduce and whip in some butter at end

Have to say everything blended well and the pears were a real treat...
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Nice looking meal - both are two of my favorite foods. Pears are soo good if done right and those look great
I have a recipe for a Pork Loin with cranberries that is killer if you want let me know and I will PM
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Looks great, love that beautiful pink center.
Of course it would be even better on the Weber but you have to adjust as the situation dictates.
Is that asparagus from the garden? One thing I have yet to grow but really need to since my Mother LOVES that stuff.
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Great looking meal Alex...
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I need to start another patch of asparagus.Takes them a few years to start pumping,but my mom had a nice one when i was young.

I am starting one in spring-Hope you do the same.

Neighbor has a 20 plus year old patch.
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Congrats, those are well paired (no pun intended) flavors, thanks for sharing a great looking meal.
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