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Pork prices going to start rising soon?

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Just heard a news story last week that China has reopened trade with the US for pork products. They weren't accepting pork from the US because of the H1N1 (swine) flu virus. But now they've seen enough research to convince them that you can't get the virus from eating pork.

So that's great news for the struggling pork industry, but I'd guess that'll mean higher prices for us here since the demand will start to rise. They said it'll take a while for things to get rolling again. So we've still got some time to take advantage of those low pork prices.

Just FYI
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I'm sure it will, any ol excuse fer stickin it ta the consumer.
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Silly Chinese thinking the swine flu came from pigs knowing darn well that the swine flu came from Porky the Pig having a romance with an Asian chicken that had caught the bird flu, strange? Yes, true? Well, if someone else says they heard the same thing it would at least be a rumor tongue.gif
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I heard it from the Dude, does that count??
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I guess it is time to buy a couple butchered hogs and fill a second freezer...
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I just bought another case of butts, just in case.
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I keep hearing how the price of pork dropped when this took place, but I never saw a price break in my markets. Seems like there is always a reason to raise the price but not to lower.

Without getting too political here, it's just like Limbaugh said yesterday about property taxes. When they market crashed they reported that houses were clearly overpriced this year. If that's the case, our property taxes should be lower this year eh? As he said, and this relates to the price of pork: Sometimes you are charged the amount you will pay, and not necessarily the amount the product is worth.

By the way, here's a report from the WSJ on the China issue:
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That would explain why pork loins on sale at Food Lion are $2.25 lb this week. That's the highest I have ever seen them.

On a good note, tests came back yesterday showing that hogs on a US Farm tested positive for the H1N1 virus. Maybe china will renege now? Also the virus has jumped to a cat and two ferrets. This virus and it's new strains are very troubling. It is adapting at a fst rate. It's possible that the current H1N1 vaccine is already useless.

scary stuff indeed, but maybe pork will come back down?
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maybe they will just start pumping the mercury filled vaccine into the pigs so that we can atleast die with happy full belly's of smoked piggy.
and on the $ of pig i haven't seen it drop either but i'm sure it will rise. time to go buy some pigglets
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We never saw a fluctuation in prices out here either.. Matter of fact I think there were less sales than normal..
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I picked up three more pork loins on sale at Sam's for $1.49 lb today just in case... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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These days what ain't going up in price. Just the amount on my paycheck is the only thing thats not going up. Go figure.
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Here Piggy,Piggy.......................;}-

I've got an empty upright freezer in the garage;guess I need to start filling it? Thanks for the tip Dude.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Actually, futures prices turned around back in August and current hog prices are back to levels from earlier in the year. The trend is up but not off the charts up.

They needed to turn around or the guys raising hogs were going to go broke. As explained to me by a guy pretty far up the food chain, energy prices are affecting corn prices......and NOT because of ethanol, but the high corn prices were leaving the hog, beef, dairy and poultry guys in the lurch. They have all been losing money for the past year or so. Even at current prices, none of it looks good for them. Spend $1 and get back 75 cents. You can't do that forever.
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The consumer almost never gets the price break on foodstuffs. The industrial processors almost always keep the profits.

For instance yesterday read a local article that milk prices paid to dairy farmers are $1.00 less per pound of milk this year than they were last year (in the state) but I don't see any drop in dairy goods prices at the store. Currently getting 91 cents/lb compared to 1.90 last year. No wonder the dairy farmers are going under. It's the conglomerates, and yes I include the cooperatives, that are reaping the benefits.
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What he said about offshore excuses.
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