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Hickory smoked spicy thighs

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After seeing Cajunsmoke13's saucy chicken thighs here , I went and bought some thighs today to use with a new sauce I found at my local butcher. Got the charcoal ECB fired up coming to temp, I'm going to smoke them to 180 and mow em down.

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That is a great looking sauce - let us know how it is
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Couldn't quite make out the ingredients on the bottle, looks smooth and spicy though.
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Sauce ingredient list. It's a nice fall night for cooking outside, probably about 47 degrees right now, clear skies, no wind, full moon. Oh, and a nice crisp IPA to keep me company. icon_cool.gif

BTW, I picked up that Taylor thermometer for $15 at Target last weekend.

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Looking good Grue... love the moon shot!!cool.gif
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I love IPAs, never had that one though. Is it a double IPA? Where is it brewed? Out here in Colorado we have a ton of micro breweries with some awesome beers you can only find here.
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It's a normal IPA from Two Brothers. I just drank my last one and had to move on to Stoudts Double IPA though. I've had some great beers from CO. here in MI. Great Divide, Breckenridge, Avery just to name a few. Especially Avery, I love their Demons of Ale series.
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My lump of hickory caught fire so I had to do an emergency venting of the top. I snapped a quick pick while doing so. Still trying to get the hang of smoking in the ECB, I've done ok so far, but every now and then it gets away from me. I was going to make some mods to it today, but couldn't get a charcoal grill to fit the bottom part at any of the stores I visited today.

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Avery has some excellent beers. I used to live about a mile from the Avery brewery. They throw a beer festival there every summer. Live music, all the bbq you can eat, and all the beer you can drink from every different line of beers they brew. All for only $15 bucks. Its a blast. I was just at Breck last week, at the original brewery in the town of breckenridge. Got their sampler platter, a small glass of every beer they brew, 8 total. Tasty, but it hits you pretty hard. They have some great food too. I would recomend the 471 IPA.
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Sounds like a great time for a great price! I found the 471 last week here at Kroger, very tasty! My wife used to live in Boulder in her first marriage back in the 80's-90's, we often talk about making a road trip out there to spend a couple weeks during the summer.
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Everything look great so far I cann't wait for the finishing Q
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Great looking spicy thighs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I got impatient and worried as I hit the 3 hour mark and the thighs were sitting at 160 with no sign of movement. I pulled them off and finished them on my gas grill for a couple minutes per side. Must go eat now!

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