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Big Juicy Meaty Beef Ribs On The UDS

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These were delicious!

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Boy they look good, a real nice smoke ring................
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Oh man, Beef ribs. My favorite. I could eat those all day long. Great job, wish I was there to help you with them....
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Great looking beefy ribs, the ones we get around here never seem to have very much meat on them, those looked really good though.
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Great job - that is one good looking meal
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I know what you mean. These were beef back ribs - they are hard to find. Whenever I see them I buy them because I never know when I may find them again. Most of the beef ribs I find are the dinosaur bone type and they have very little meat on them.
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Very NICE!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks really tasty, got a little more info on how? I know the feeling of the dinosaur bones, what about cutting the bones off prime ribs and saving them?, depending how often you buy prime ribs.
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Moose, they look excellent!! Beef ribs are my got those down just right. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

(Please send any leftovers. )
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Great Looking Ribs...
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Can you specify what more info you want? You looking for temp, rub, sauce info?

Not sure I'd want to take the ribs off a rib roast, but it might be worth a shot. See if you can find beef back ribs from a nice market or local butcher. They kinda look like pork babybacks, just a lot bigger.
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Those look great!! I've been experimenting with other meats and haven't done dino bones in a couple of weeks. I miss them, need to do some more.
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Moose man you really made some gret looking ribs there son. Those are my favorites alright and you did a fab job with a great ring too.
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had some last night.........nice smoke!
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