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First baby backs in the new Royal Oak smoker - Page 2

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Looks great, Mac. Thanks for sharing.
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Gret looking successful smoke!

points.giffor a great first run with your new smoker!
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There will be plenty more opportunities for me to share. For those who read my intro you know that I am the associate pastor at a small church here in Southern Oregon. We have a program here where we help addicts and alcoholics return to the church, their families and society. We keep them busy to be sure and keep them well fed where the bible is concerned, but we also help foster other activities and smoking is one of them since it is such a popular dinner menu item!

To date I have taught eight of our past residents and am teaching a couple more this week and next with some chicken quarters, meat loaf and Cornish game hens. Next week will be a fatty, a tri-tip and perhaps a chuck roast. Naturally we’ll be tossing in some ABTs, taters and other tasty sides. Thanksgiving has already been planned out with a bird and a brisket. Either way, you'll all get to see the Q-view (provided the pastor brings the camera back!).

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Tose are some good looking ribs for sure there Mr mac. I'm glad things worked out and they didn't hurt you geting to those ribs. We have to talk about that smoker thou I hope it's new because it is far too clean.points.giffor sure for a great job with the ribs.
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Thank you sir! To be sure, the smoker is new! In fact, this was her maiden voyage so no worries about her darkening with use and time to a nice dark, heat holding hue!
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Those look great. Thanks for the qview. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Not too shabby and had peace of mind while at church! I will always worry my smoke will need charcoal etc.

Where did you get the Royal Oak electric smoker?
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