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BB Ribs and some beans w/ apple pie filling, salami, and capicola w-q-view

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Wanted to do spares this weekend, but the spares @ he market I went to were trimmed, but they were also cut down the middle through the bones to look more like country style ribs. So I went with some natural BB ribs(vegetarian pigs, no chemicals, etc), I have had these before, and they were pretty good. I got 2, 2# racks @ $2.99/Lb. Good price, good pork.

I rubbed them about 3 hours before they went on the smoker with my rub, I used all my rub up so I had to whip up another batch so I would have more for the beans, and to add o the ribs later.

The beans, I got an idea to use apple pie filling in the mix from LTH, but the rest of the recipe is an original. I didnt have any meat to put in the beans(sausage, pulled pork, etc). I did have some capicola, and some Volpi Genoa Salami. I chopped these meats up, and sauteed them, and added some garlic, and onions towards the end. The 3 cans of beans, and one can of apple pie filling were topped off with some gherkin picles minced, the salami, capicola, onion, and garlic mix, some of my rub, black pepper, yellow mustard, a splash of Open Pit, and some Lea and Perins. These will go on the smoker under the ribs for a couple hours.

I am using the GOSM gasser with a large cast iron pan full of hickory, and lump.


my rub:

Bean ingredients: garlic, onions, capicola & salami:

canned goods:

mixed and ready:

Ribs are smoking right now, beans and shrooms from another thread to follow.

thanks for looking at my prep work, more pics to follow
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Hey Jim, I haven't eaten yet today. Now my stomach thinks my throat's been cut....LOL

Lookin real good there buddy!!!!!!!!tongue.gif
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thanks oneshot,

had to get an early start so I could eat before I take my daughter trick or treating.
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Wow Jim! Nice smoke you've got going on today.
$2.99lb for BBs would be a GREAT price around here. Really interesting twist on the beans, not just the apple pie filling but the salami and capicola.
Gotta give you points.gifalready because it all looks and sounds great!
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the apple pie filling adds some sweet to the spice from the rub, etc.

I needed some meat in the beans, and didnt have any bacon, kilbasa, etc. Had to improvise..icon_cool.gif
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Sounds like one great meal is in the menu for today. Congrats.
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raedy to go on the smoker:


beans about to go on now.
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bb's, and the beans were killer, ribs are getting better each time as my rub evolves. Pics to follow.
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They are looking good Jim...
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I love the apple pie filling in the beans but oddly enough all of my kids hate it...Fot the life of me I just dont understand that....Wife dont like BBQ beans regardless.....I like em all myself.....Looks great, boy he BBs have a nice color to them
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I enjoyed these ribs alot, I tented them in foil at the end for about 15 minutes with apple juice, honey, and rub. Then for one rack I glazed the rack with Open Pit while it rested, and the other rack I just topped with my rub. I preferred the glazed rack and how the little bit of sauce tasted with my rub.

Beans were very good as well, I did miss some chinks of kilbasa or some other meat, but not a bad improvisation. I also really like the apple pie filling adder.

ribs after 2 hours:


ribs almost done, checking the bend:

finshed pre rub and glaze:

top rack glazed, bottom rack just more rub:

cut up:

beans done:

my plate:

thanks for looking at my pics, I had alot of fun with this meal.
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Nice job Jim. The whole meal looks great.
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WOW!!! That really looks good and some good queu view...Points on this one for sure points.gif
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thanks folks,

I may have to have a couple of those bbs cold from the fridge.

I wasnt going to smoke anything today, but I have the Weber started rith now for some smoked chicken wings for the games.
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Very very nice. Ribs looks great. By the way, I tried you buttermilk brined chicken recipe that you posted a while back, only I used it on squirrel. The boy and I went out and got 5 of those tree rats last week. I've always loved squirrel, but that recipe was fantastic on them. I will never prepare them any other way from now on.
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thats awesome, Ive only had squirrel in a burgoo stew, glad you liked that brine.
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Looks great, that was a nice plate you had there, the shrooms really completed the look of it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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