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Smoked Italian Sausage Stuffed Shrooms W-Q-view

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Based on the ideas and inspiration of others on SMF decided on Stuffed mushrooms for a side for some ribs I am doing for an early dinner before trick-or-treating.

Got a nice carton of mushrooms, some were good sized. I chopped up 3 of them as part of the filling along with some minced garlic, onion, bread crumbs, italian sausage, and parmesan. I seasoned the mix with red wine, lea and perrins, thyme, oregano, and black pepper.

I took the stems out of the shrooms, and also scraped out the gills. Stuffed with the stuffing, and topped with a pickled jalapeno. I will plan on doing them on the smoker for about an hour and ahalf, and I may top with some Asiago cheese for the last part of the smoke.

ingredients(i decided against using the cream cheese pictured)

mushrooms cleaned and ready to stuff:


stuffed and ready to go:

ribs just went on, shrooms to follow in about an hour and a half.

thanks for looking, more to follow
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Those look like they will be tasty!
Nice idea scraping the gills out, will help to cut down on that bitter flavor they tend to have.
I usually take the stems out and mince them and use those as part of the mixture as well.
liked the addition of the jalapeno slice on top, makes for a nice presentation.
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Those are looking mighty tasty. I also chop the stems when I make them.
Just saw some panchetta at the local market so I will try adding that next time - Like the jalopeno on top
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thanks folks,

I moved to fast to use the stems(I am also baking a couple cakes to make a pumpkin shaped cake for my daughter), otherwise they would have gone in the mix as well(i had to sacrifice a couple whole mushrooms to make up for that omission).

I also figured jalapeno makes everything better. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Mmmmmmmmmm, what's yer address????? I'm comin over!!!! lol tongue.gif
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I live west of Chicago too, PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I cant wait for dinner.
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heres the cake I was working on with my helper:

Happy halloween..

shrooms are going on now, more pics later
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Nice looking cake, looks like your Daughter was having a blast.
What did you use for the stem? Looks like maybe a frosted upside down ice cream cone?
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it was fun, her favorite holiday is Halloween.
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damn... those shrooms were one of the best things I have done, pics to follow either after tric-or-treating or tomorrow am. melted the asiago over the shrooms. a home run imho.
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Hope you post them tonight, saying something like the best yet means a lot, can't wait to check them out, and of course give the recipe a try.
Have fun trick-or-treating, what is your Daughter going as and are you dressing up?
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That is a way cool cake and an even better looking helper. We have 9 grandkids so I am on my second round of cute kids to corrupt
Congrats on cooking with her. points.gif
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Man, that is great! I forgot all about your awesome mushrooms when I started seeing your pumpkin cake and daughter~ I remember when my kids were small enough to sit on the table and play with decorating a cake as well.

Beautiful pics, and great looking pumpkin cake too. Thanks for sharing. Did your shroomers turn out good with the Asiago? Love Asiago cheese here...

Happy holloween!
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Those Mushrooms looks great Jim, and the cake is cute too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wheres the shrooms????????????????????// I love these things....
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thanks for the kind words all, the pics are downloading now, my daughter dressed up as a princess, and i was the chauffeer as my wife took her door to door.

pics will be up in a few minutes, sorry for the delay.
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the shrooms tooka bout 2 hours total, i topped them with asiago for the last 15 mintes of smoking. Really nice taste. Next time I may add some marinara to the italian sausage mix, but no other modifications.

just on the smoker:

shrooms @ 1.5 hours:

shrooms before the cheese topping:



thanks for looking.
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Well the shrooms look great but the smile on the little girls face is priceless! Enjoy them now cause in a few years you will be making the trip as I am next month to give her away.
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Nice job on those shrooms!
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thanks rick,

I imagine that day comes way too quick.
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