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Let try this

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Not sure exactly what I can offer, but this interests me! I live in the Fort Worth area and there are many local treats in these parts. I do not have anything in particular I am looking for but love to try new things.

We do have Joe T Garcias, Salsas here and most people love it! There are tons of different sauces, spices, and some mexican market things that are harder find in some areas, such as flour tortilla mix in a bag etc.

Let me know if you are looking for something in particular from texas I can try to help!
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Hi bud, I'm willing to exchange for new things. Love HOT stuff, and always game for new hot-sauces. The more local, the weirder, the better. If you can get me some dried Mirasol peppers and seeds, that'd be even better.

Got lots of good midwestern rubs, spice mixes, and of course BBQ Sauces. CURLEY's is the hands-down winner all across the country (lower 48 states so far), and it comes in four different flavors- Smokey, Hickory, Mesquite & Hot and Spicey. All good all the time!

Send me a PM and we can be good to go! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Same here always willing to do an exchange with anyone wanting to try different things from different areas...
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Count me in, I am willing to trade for anything other than a Whataburger. If I had another one of those again so soon, I will have to move to Texas.
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I'd be happy to send some Uncle Dougie's Chicago Style Chicken Marinade down to TX for some
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It's the local stuff that is so cool arond here. This exchange thing really is cool too.
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I'm game to jump in on this if anyone needs anything from here in TX holler.
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