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Great job. Sometimes I'll write on a pc of paper and slip it in with the sausage. I also pre-freeze my sausage before vacuum packing.
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Outstanding job !
Keep it up.

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Very nice, that really looks good! Make me hungry.
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Excellent job . . . they all look great!!! points.gif

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Someone beat me to this, but wait until after sealing the bag, then write on the bit of bag that is left outside of the meat area. Your sealed bags won't rub on each other before the Sharpie ink dries.
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That brought a tear to my eye...beautiful!
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Those are picture perfect looking sausages!

points.gifto you for a very sucessful first run. I'm jealous.
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Man thats some fine looking and alot of sausage it is for sure. Thats looks great and this was your first time damn I hope I can do half that good. But I hope to have jerry the old pro showing me how to make the sausage after hnting season.points.gifare more than earned.
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Good job

Great job for first time makeing sasuage? You bet ya.....good job on filling them dont looked over filled,,,,But I always will tell ya to do a test fry....I didnt when I first started and had a batch that had too much Salt in one batch if I had known I could have added more meat.....
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If your still having trouble with labeling, wrap a piece of masking tape around the pack and write on it.
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That was your FIRST try? Nice work!

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Great looking. Very nice job.

I never have luck writing in the middle of the bag. The moisture from the cold links keeps the surface damp. Also when the freezer frosts up the outside of the bag you won't be able to read it.

I always write on the top seal, that about 1 inch of bag material left after you seal the links inside. In fact, I do an extra heat seal near the top, and it makes a nice flat "label" area to write on. I date it, and identify what's inside.

I don't think sticky labels or tape will still be sticking on them after awhile in the freezer, especially if someone shuffles them around a time or two.

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I ordered some sure enough freezer labels to put on the flat area. Im gonna try a diff marker as well next time. Mine was not a sharpie....I dont think anyway...Thanks for the info
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