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5 different sausages (Lotsa Pics)

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I bought a sampler pack of sausage from Butcher Packer that was all fresh sausage. I wanted to start off slow and work up to smoking some later on. This particular kit had Collogen Casings in it but I had bought natural Hog casings and wanted to use those instead.
This is what I did
  • 5 Pounds Hot Italian
  • 5 pounds Sweet Italian
  • 5 Pounds Brats
  • 5 Pounds Polish Kielbasa
  • 5 Pounds Southern style Fresh Pork
I used all natural Hog casings 32mm. Washed them very well inside nd out and let them sit in Ice water while I got things ready

I started off grinding 5 pounds at a time and then mixing and stuffing but then I just went ahead and ground all 35 pounds that was left and weighed out 5 pounds at a time.

I mixed 1 type at a time. I used 1 cup ice water and the seasoning pack. I mixed it by hand very well and then added it to the stuffer.

Wife cranked the stuffer whle I kept just a little tension in the casings. I did get some air pockets but not many, I just punched a small hole and let the air out. i ahd 2 casing bust but with as many as I did and my first time it wasnt too bad. I ended up with 65 links total.

I wet the bar down so the links would slide around. I also completed each 5 lbs and then went back with the twisting into links. I let them sit in the fridge for an hour and then I snipped them apart and vaccume sealed them and off to the freezer.

I did not do a fry test, I know I should have and next time I will. I think I over stuffed them a little.

I have about 20 pounds ground and in the fridge for tomorrow. im gonna get a recipe and make some fresh patty sausage and put up in bags.

NOW I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
I used a sharpie to write on my vaccume bags what sausage was in each but it was rubbing off very very easily. Is there a stick on label or something that I can get and write on that will stick while in the freezer??? Or any other suggestions....

And here are the pics..Man was I proud of teh first bunch that came out...It was much easier than i expected...Not going to show much of the grinding process as its on the Grinder Post....Here we go

Casings on and ready to go

Hot Italian

Linked Up

Sweet Italian

Linked Up

Heres all the links still together

Close Up

Snipped Apart

Another View

Vaccumed and ready for Freezer

Everything is now cleaned and ready for bed. Im gonna relax a minute and get a cold drink and kick back and see what everyone has been cooking today...Hope you enjoyed the pics...

Need some advice on the Labels...Thanks
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Are those the cabela's bags? To answer your question just get mailing labels and stick them on the bag. The foodsaver bags have a space to write on them. Everything looked great for your first time. points.gif
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Wow great job one the first try no less. Congrats it all looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I use the foodsaver rolls and have a couple permanent markers that I use if you write on them before putting stuff in the it works much better
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Thanks for the points....The bags were from Butcher Packer....Im gonna pick up some labels tomorrow. Thought of that myslf but didnt know if they would stay stuck...

I wrote on the bags before I filled them but it was rubbing off very easily. It may just be the marker Im using.....
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That is some great looking sausage...points.gif
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Thats a lot of links for your first attempt, nice job!
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Great job on your maiden voyage in sausage-making! Sausages look fantastic - you get professional results when you use professional equipment! Open up a package and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Nothing is more satisfying than making it yourself!

Here's a couple links that may be helpful:



There's a breakfast sausage recipe in there too.
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nice job, looks like you did a fantastic job for the first time.
your gonna be hooked for sure.
if you have Rytek's book, his breakfast sausage recipe is fantastic
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Impressive work there, now enjoy the fruits of your labor.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great job! No references to "so simple a caveman could do it", but with the selection of equipment you have (very good choices btw), and knowledge in the form of Rytek's book, you have the tools to do just about anything you want.

As for marking the bags, Sharpie permanent markers work just fine. If you want them color coordinated, try red/green for Italian, black/red/yellow for brats.....and red/blue for the country sausage. Don't forget to date them.

For anal retentive freezer managers worried about inventory, you can also number the bags 1 thru ? Start using the highest number first and you always know how many you have left.

Edited: Sorry.....missed the part where you said you used Sharpies. Perhaps they don't stick to vacuum bags? I use ziplock freezer bags, unless I'm willing to partially freeze the sausage prior to stuffing them into the vacuum bags. If not, moisture always leaks out and the vacuum bags don't seal for me.
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Did a quick check. The Food Saver vacuum bags I got from Bass Pro have a white label section on them. Sharpie markers don't rub off that, but do rub off the slick area of the bag. Never knew that.
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WOW. Very impressed. Do I dare say bordering on professional? LOL. Sausages look fantastic for sure, some of the best I have seen. In fact, they look like the ones in Ryteks book on the colored pages. I think you deserve some points on this for a job well done. points.gif
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Very nice work. Those look great. What kind of bags are you using - my foodsaver bags work well with a sharpie
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That is some fine looking sausage there. Points to you.points.gif
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I got the bags at Butcher Packer and they do NOT have the white spot to write on. Not sure what to do with them now....I bought 100 of 2 sizes thinking they were all the same. Im gonna try to find some labels for them or something.

We just cooked up some of the Southern Style sausage and it was really good, even the wife liked it and she is way to damn picky. I thought the casings were too big 32mm so I need to get something smaller. The casings didnt bust while cookinga nd it was really jusicy and the casing were really tender, no chew to them....

Thanks for all the compliments and Points are always appreciated
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I made up 15 pounds of the Sausage in his book and man is it good. We put it into 1 pound bags and froze them.....Thanks for pointing it out
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Your first time doing sausage and you did that great of a job? Well that deserves nothing less than points.gifbecause it looks like you did a great job.
As for the marker rubbing off, was it an actual sharpie you used? Every retaurant I have worked for we always use sharpies and they work great, any similar brands always seem to rub off easily.
Also, besides adding labels you could wait till sealing and write on the flat sealed section either on the end or the top of the bag.
Like others have said the Foodsaver bags have an area for writing in but half the time I don't use that, just grab one of my several hundred sharpies I have and make sure te bag is dry and no grease, always stays on with no problems.
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Your first wurst session looks might good!!!

I use the sharpies, but I also use the food saver bags with the label area.

Gotta get out the stuffer soon and make some sausage myself. I've always made fresh sausages too, but I think I'm read for some cured and smoked varieties.
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It is my honor to see your work! Thanks for posting!
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Very impressive!!! Good plan,technique,equipment and very good results..

As george peppard said- I love it when a plan comes together

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