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Your Opinion Please...

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I just found a 60 gal air compressor tank on Craigslist. The guy wanted $150 for it & I offered $100. We settled on $125.

My plans are to build a reverse flow this winter for a project. And yes, I plan on posting pics of the build. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

The question being, should I jump on that tank for that price? I've not seen a lot else out there in my area for any price.
Thanks for your opinion. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Have you tried a local propane dealer?? Many of them have tanks that are no longer safe for gas use, and if your smooth enough.. they may give you one for free!
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I think it just kinda depends on what you can find in your area. Like drums some areas are just easy and cheaper than other places. Good luck with your build
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Seems might steep. I can find a tank that size around here for about $40. If that's all you can find in your area, your options may be limited. Have you checked Craigslist?
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LOL, thats were he found the tank.

I'd say that is too high. I'd keep shopping.
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Hey Iceman,

I'm thinking that is a bit much for a 60 gallon tank. Unless there is a huge shortage of these in your general area, I would keep looking. Also, if you have any salvage yards around, you can sometimes score some pipe or tanks on the cheap.

I can't wait to see your final smoker...if you pimp it out anything like your Kegerator, it will be awesome.

Good luck.
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Yes, that is too high for a tank that size. Like BBQ Engineer said, check your local scrap yard if you have one. I went to ours a few weeks back and found a 52"L x 24"dia x 1/2" thick pipe. All they want for it is 50 bucks. So many deals can be found at the junk yard for sure.
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Ok, you guys managed to talk me out of it. I'll keep looking. I guess my build will have to wait a while longer.

Thanks for the input guys. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah Iceman, i think thats a bit much too. Mine is made from a 60 gallon airtank as well. I bought it at the local scrapyard, and i gave either 10 or 20 bucks for it over a year ago and it was like new. Hang in there, you'll find one. Good Luck
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I agree with the others. I gave $40 for the 120gal (Propane tank) and just picked up a 250 gal for $40 too. Agree with Racey, check your local dealer I am finding out they give them away, but I also understand the larger ones are hard to get because the buddy system works first on those. If you are close to me I can get you fixed up for $40.
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Thanks but Arizona is a bit more than a couple hours drive from Florida. biggrin.gif
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Opps. icon_confused.gif Guess I need to read a bit closer.
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You guys were right, it pays to be patient.

I found a pair of 100# propane tanks for $50. They measure about 48in long by 15in dia. A little smaller than I had envisioned but I think it will work.
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