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Cooking brisket for Friday

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Just wondering what is the best thing to do.
Gotta cook today for Friday cause of work so when its done and rested should I slice it and warm up tomorrow w/a little Beef stock in the oven or should I not even cut it up but wrap it up tight and then heat the whole thing tomorrow before dinner then slice?
What do the pros say?
I wanna eat it now. It does look & smell soo good.icon_smile.gif
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Whats the internal temp now? How big? That would help.
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It's big didnt check the wt but I put it in at 7 this moning and kept the temp at 200.
The meat is now about 175 and I normally take it out at about 190 to rest an hour before slicing and eating.
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So its been cooking for 15 hours????????? WOW that thing must be huge...Ifin you gonna slice it I would think to keep it whole until youre ready to heat it, add a little bef broth and cover and then in the oven.....
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Well that would be 10 1/2 hours so far.
It's only 5:30 here and just popped the first can. I gotta smell it cookin but "no touch".'
Should be ready to take off in about 45 to an hour
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My briskets take an average of 18 hours, so your on track. when done, I would mop them, and wrap in seran wrap, and then in foil. Un wrap and put it into a covered dish when ready and bring up to temp. A little stock or some of the drippings from the smoke would be a good idea. make sure to watch the temps while re heating. 145 to 155 will work fine.
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Okay. It is done and wrapped up for tomorrow.
Has anyone thought of injecting it with beef broth before reheating??
Or would it be best to just add some to the pan/cover & reheat then slice?
Boy I am hungry. A ham sandwich dont cut it after a day of Q.
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I have not tried injecting it while just trying to reheat it I find a little liquid in the foiled pan works pretty well
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I'm with ^^^^Him jerry I have never even thought about injecting it before re-heating to me it would just stay right where you injectid it cause the meat is all tenced up and cold. So just re-hat it the old fashion way and try not to over think this thing. It will be fine and you are not going to make it any better than it is right now.
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Thanks for the feedback.
Never cooked one and had to file it away for the next day.
We usually dont even have much leftovers to deal with. So yea I guess I will just put it in a pan with a little broth heat it til warm then cut and enjoy. Wish I didnt have to work todayPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I'd store it whole (which I'm guessing you did), or cut it in half if I didn't have any storage containers large enough (then again, keeping it wrapped in seran wrap and foil, you might not need a container). It seems fresher that way and you won't lose as much of the juices. I'd thinkg about re-heating it in your smoker, but you may not want any more smoke flavor so you don't need to add any. It just seems more authentic that way, but I guess the oven would work as well. Instead of injecting, I might mop it instead.
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