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A vacuum tumbler or marinator works using atmospheric pressure to both tenderize and marinate meat. The process of drawing the vacuum pulls the muscle fibers apart, opening micro channels or tears if you will into the tissue and acts to tenderize. The release of the vacuum is basically like slamming the meat with a giant sledge hammmer, to convey any spice mixture or marinade into the tissue. It is very effective and is used by many in the commercial industry to improve palatability and enhance flavor of lower value cuts of meat. Commercial equipment will repeat the vacuum cycle several times, thus enhancing the effect, and only require as little as ten minutes to accompish what used to take hours or even days.
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Great explanation Wooden!!!!!!! Thank you for your help!!!!!!

Are you a scientist????? Cause we sometimes need one here!!!! lolbiggrin.gif
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So, where do I find one large enough for a 10 pound picnic shoulder or butt? preferably one that works with the Kenmore Seal n Save.....
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Lets take them taters to the next level!
When you are mixing the tater w/ all the other stuff ,Chop up some boiled shrimp and some crab meat and add to the tater before putting it back in the skins.
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I was thinking mushrooms, gorgonzola and roasted garlic myself. The possibilities are endless.icon_cool.gif
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Bingo the possibilities are endless biggrin.gif
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I haven't found one that big yet but maybe SmokingOhioButcher can tell us were to get one that big. Try sending him a "PM".
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I can put anyone in touch with a company that sells the comercial size marinader if they want ...but we are talking some pretty heafty change. ours was 1200.00 used.
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Ouch. Not good when you're unemployed, so I think I'll do it the old fashioned way.

When are these companies that deal with cooking appliances going to realize that size matters?
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Would that mean (using a Foodsaver type unit), keeping it in the vacuum for 3 hours (without opening it) is the same as 1 hour, or possibly even 10 minutes? I guess what I'm trying to ask is would it be better to do the vacuum seal, wait a couple minutes, open the vacuum and repeat a couple times - would that create a "better" seasoned piece of meat?

Hope that made sense.

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Great looking PR there Oneshot!
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Yes Tom, that made total sense. On my new food saver (V 3860) it has a marinader mode that does exactly that. It will vacuum out the air and hold it at that point for several minutes then release the pressure to let the meat rest for 30 seconds. Then it repeats this proccesss 2 more times, at that point the unit will beep to let you know the marinating proccess is complete. Total time to marinate this way is approximately 10 minutes.

With the prime rib I just vacuum sealed it and put it into the fridge for 3 hours. Remember that I used a dry rub, not a liquid marinade. The flavor was most definately enhanced by this proccess.tongue.gif

That Traeger 150 sure is a nice unit and big!!!!
I'm also using a Traeger Lil Tex (070) with the thermostat control... They're great!!!!!
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Will the lid work on a larger container? I would love to find something like this that I could marinate a 10-12 pound picnic shoulder.
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I have borrowed a friends V 2460 Foodsaver for preservation, and in the market for same / similar product until reading this thread...looking like I will be dropping the extra coin for this feature.

My question; your step of vacuum sealing and tossing in the fridge for three hours after the 'automatic' marinating was this a personal choice / meat choice driven / manufactures suggestion?

Great looking slab of meat!
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Awesome job. Need to add this to list!
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