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I have this one from foodsaver it is the 2.5 qt marinator, I haven't used it much because it is so small...

I saw these online and wondered if anyone has one or seen one used... They have a built in vacuum pump on each lid...



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I take leftover brisket and put it into a bag with some of rivets finishing sauce, and vacuum seal. We freeze it that way. When we want some for a quick lunch, I put the bag into boiling water for 20 minutes, and we have great beef sammies.. They are really good. I think the vacuum seal definately helps with the sauce permiating the meat.
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I have 2 of those marinators also Paul. They work good for small items.
I used the 4 quart canister from food saver for the prime rib and it worked very well. It has the same type of knob on the lid as the marinator.

It's the largest thing I've found for marinating so far...
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Ain't no air in space!

There's an air & space museum...
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Ok, here are the results of my little experiment. It WORKED!!!!!!!!
The seasoning process I used with the vacuum sealed canister did exactly what I expected and better. The seasoning permeated the meat better than if I had let it sit in the fridge for 2 days (it was in the canister for 3 hours). The taste was fantastic and seemed to be distributed throughout the whole roast.
Now I don't know if the vacuum sealing had anything to do with this but I had a solid 3/8 inch, deep colored smoke ring around the whole roast. I think that may be do to removing all the air in the canister and allowing the meat to expand and open the pores of the meat. I don't think you can get the same results using a bag because when you remove the air the bag closes tight around the meat restricting the expansion of the meat.
Anyway, this prime rib was by far the best I have ever made, the taste was absolutely great!!!

Finished pics.....I wish I had a better camera!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this little venture.....tongue.gif
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Looks great! I've never seen that lark of a canister, but I think I want one.
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I love that canisters size!!! I'm gonna order 2 or 3 more that size. The possibilities are endless!!!!

That is the 4 quart Bulk Storage Canister from Food Saver.

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That looks great!
Beautiful color and nice ring on it too.
Bravo and points for sure!!!
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Thanks Fire....I'll be doing all my prime ribs like this from now on....tongue.gif
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Oh and thanks now I gotta order something else my wife ain't gonna be happy with you when I tell her its your fault biggrin.gif Seems its prime rib week or something I've seen a bunch of them done lately and actually did one myself yesterday with some twice smoked taters but don't even know where my camera is right now
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Thanks Jer.
Hahahahahaaaaa, rotflmao!!!!!!!
Just tell your lovely wife that it's all for her cause you want her to have the best of the best.....How convincing are you????? LOL PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

How do you make twice baked taters???? From scratch cause I've never done taters......I know, I'm a dumb azzzzz sometimes...lol PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I wash the taters and sometimes I rub them with evoo then roll in kosher salt and sometimes I just put them in after washing. Let them smoke till soft then pull them out take em in and cut them in half lengthwise then scrape out the potato without breaking the skin and move the skin to the side then mix up the filling with some butter, sour cream if you want maybe even some chives mash it up good then spoon it back into the skins and cover with cheese and some bacon bits. Put it back into the smoker till the cheese is melted then take them out and serve. Some people mix the cheese and bacon with the other fillings then spoon it back in but personally I like the presentation with the cheese and bacon bits on top
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Ok... at work we have a comercial size vacum marinator,it will do 50 lbs of meat at once!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Iknow Iknow !! stop drooling! I will try to remember to take a pic of it today. The process of vacuming it removes the air around the muscle fibers allowing them to expand. it does not actually tear or harm the fibers . the flavors are drawn deeper into the meat when you open the container and they fill the void that has been caused by the vacuming process.biggrin.gif It is a wonderful invention... I am doing a full boneless ribeye for my family for christmas this year with an onion steak marinade we have at work. Then into some pecan smoke and mmmmmmmmmm! I hope this helped to clear things up!
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That sounds good. What temp are you smokin at and approximately how long????
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Thanks SOB.
And here I thought I was on to something new.....LMAO biggrin.gif

Would that proccess also allow more smoke to penatrate the meat when you smoke it????
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I usually smoke at 225 or so and it really depends on the size of the taters I like to get those huge Idaho baking potatoes and they take about 4-5 hours if I get into a time jam I'll finish the first phase in the microwave
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Cool, thanks Jerry!!!! tongue.gif
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I don't think so, cause once you release the vacum the muscle fibers return to normal and trap the marinade inside. But I'm no scientist...Just a dumb ol'butcher!!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
Later SOB
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Damn that looks good !
I love the effect of the last picture being blurry. It made me feel like I was actually drawn inside that beautiful Prime Rib, and my eyes got blurred because of the tasty juices flowing into them.

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Great looking PR there oneshot. Glad it all worked out!

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