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Prime Rib with a New Twist W/Qview

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Got my new Food Saver V3860 with a bunch of goodies (shorted some items but that's for another thread) and decided to try something different. Gonna use the 4 qt canister to let it set. The idea is to suck out all the air and open the pores of the meat and have the seasonings permeate deeper into the meat. We'll see how it works.

So here we go...

1 Boneless prime rib about 3 lbs.
Traeger prime rib rub (to taste) don't need much.
Onion wood pellets for smoke

Prime rib coated with EVOO and Traeger PR rub.

Into the canister and hooked up to the Food Saver to suck out all the air and open the pores of the meat.

Air all removed from canister, I could actually see the meat expand as the pores opened.

Ok, into the fridge and hopefully into the smoker later. If we don't get flooded by rain today/tonite.....More qview later....
I just love this teasing part of the thread.....LMAO
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That ought to work very well for you! We've been vacuum sealing marinades for a long time and it really cuts the time required for a marinade!
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I've done vacum sealed marinades with great results too. This is the first time I'm trying the vacum seal with a dry rub though. I'm hoping it has the same effect in permeating the meat. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I just asked the better three quarters and she said we never did it with a dry rub, so, I too am curious if there's an appreciable difference!
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Great idea! I was reading on another thread about marinades...what to do, what not to do, etc. Of course, just like any website, it's mostly opinion-based and I don't take everything I read as gospel...but there were some good ideas there.

One of the main points of the article was, when it comes to larger cuts of meat like pork and beef roasts, even marinating for 3 days won't penetrate the meat more than maybe 3/16" of an inch. However, there are exceptions - like if you use a brining type of marinade, or puncture the meat many times. (which of course the downside there is loss of some juices while it's cooking)

However, the technique you are describing seems totally logical, as far as marking a marinade work much better. I can't wait to see/hear about the results!
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Ok, after only an 1 1/2 hours of being vacumed in the canister, the meat already looks like it would after being wrapped and in the fridge overnite. To me that says it is progressing really, really well. I think this is gonna make a very significant difference.....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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This one should be good I have a food saver too. I have never tried to marinade with it but maybe I should be tring new things. So I'll have to check back and see how it all comes out. We love a good rib roast we usually buy the whole thing and slice it myself.
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That's what I do too. I buy the prime rib (boneless) in the cryovac and then cut it into roasts using a knife and steaks using my slicer.

Life is good but smokin makes it great!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmtongue.gif
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Ok. Just took the PR out of the sealed canister and it looked and smelled like it had been rubed days ago......mmmmmmmmm, sure smells good already...

Here it is into the smoker....

And there's the thin blue smoke......I did remove the leaf, it's not part of the smoke...lol

Now I'm starvin after smelling that thing!!!!!!tongue.gif
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Looking great.

I have a couple of questions about the whole process though. This is just a knee-jerk reaction so I'd love to hear other thoughts.

If you're applying a vacuum to the meat doesn't that do the opposite of what you're trying to achieve here? Wouldn't it suck the juices out of the meat? Or at the very least keep the marinade from entering the fibers of the meat because there's a constant pull away from the center of the most dense thing in the container?

I've seen on some cooking shows where they've used pressurized marinade machines. That seems like it would make more sense. That process forces the liquid into the meat.

Just wondering. Not knocking the process. I've never done either.
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Good question Dude!!!! I'm definately no rocket scientist but in vacuuming the meat you are causing the pores to open and fibers to expand, hence allowing the seasonings to be absorbed into the meat more thoroughly. During the vacuuming process I actually saw the meat expanding but no juices were expelled. I don't know the scientific terms or reasons but that's how it seems to work.
Did I explain it ok???? I hope so....PDT_Armataz_01_03.gifPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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I'm looking forward to the end results...Is it done yet?
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Nice idea! I have seasoned and done meat in vacuum seal bags plenty of times but that little experimental thing you've got going on there is really interesting.
Can't wait to hear how amazing the meat turned out...
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Oh I believe you that it works. I'm just curiious as to how or why. If you saw the meat expanding wasn't it then in a sense pulling apart (although not quite to the extreme of actually falling to pieces). And wouldn't that keep anything from being absorbed? Since it's being pulled apart wouldn't that keep anything from penatrating? Now I'm starting to repeat myself. LOL

I can see where the rub would still stick to the meat and flavor it. Since it's not in a centrifuge that would cause things to actually fly off the meat. Wow, this is getting way too technical for me.

I can however see that it might work as a tenderizer buy loosening the fibers of the meat.

Where's Alton Brown when we need him? God help me if I ever say that again.
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Just added the probe and it's at 115* internal temp. Patience....lol
It only has 20* to go......tongue.gif

But it sure is smelling great!!!!!
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Alton Brown?????? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!! LMAO biggrin.gif

Ask yourself this. Why would it work for tenderizing and not for seasoning????

Your only removing the air, not gravity. It only makes sense that the seasoning would gravitate into the meat....

My god, I'm a critter man and you got me talkin like Einstein.....rotflmao biggrin.gif
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Yeah but you're removing air AND creating a vacuum.
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i would like to try a prime rib mmm i havent had pr in years like twenty years, how much is a roast like that size and how do you make aju?
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Once the air is gone there's no more vacuum......lol
I'm goin back to playin with my animals now!!!!!!!!
No more Einstein......tongue.gif
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Price depends on your local market.3.99 on sale to 8.99 probably.

I make my aujus with beef stock and onions below the roast in a drip pan. Others may have a different method though.
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