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Weber grate on UDS

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I am going to be smoking 18.77 lbs of pork shoulder and 9.36 lbs of chicken for a potuck at work. I made a USD a couple of weeks ago and I use the cooking grate off of the Weber 22.5" kettle. I am a little worried about the weight limit of the grate and I was wondering if anybody else has made that much or knows if the grate will hold the weight. I use three bolts to hold the grate at the top of the drum.

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The grate will hold the weight, the supports you put on your UDS are what I'd be worried about.

Aside from that, I'd take the opportunity to add an extra grate and not worry about it at all.
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It will hold the weight but make sure you don't crowd the grate to much. That can lead to temp problems. Make sure there is enough open space on the grate for air to circulate.
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Thanks for the quick replies guys. I put the prok shoulders on there with the wrapping still and the chickens are smaller so thye should fit.
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the weber one seems real sturdy i got the cheap 9 dollar walmart one that is flimsier than the weber lol flimsier? is that a word? it doesn't look right
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