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whole juniper berries anyone?

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I got a 1 pound bag of berries from Butcher & Packer this spring and have only used maybe an ounce at the the most. So before they go dull if anyone wants some let me know and I'll package up a few ounces ( or what ever ya want) and send it out.
Funny I'm sitting here chewing on a couple as I type and it makes me want to make a gin and tonic. Hmmm
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Why not just make about 100 lbs of pastrami?PDT_Armataz_01_34.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Funny thing is, I have three junipers in the front yard. I watch the birds clean them every year. Then wonder why I didn't save any.biggrin.gif Thanks for the offer. I'm sure someone can use them.
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We have never tasted them, what are they like?
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Actually Dan since I do smoke quite a few pastramis I will probably take you up on this offer, we have juniper berries around here occasionally but I figure these would be a lot better than what I get in the Ethnic section at Walmart.
I'll shoot you a pm. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Then send it to me...LOL

Sounds like a great deal for someone making Pastrami...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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They are what gives a good gin its distinguishing flavour.
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Hi Dan,

Trying to make sauerbraten on Saturday and realized I can't find juniper berries anywhere around here!

I'd be glad to do an exchange with you, all i need is an ounce or two to last me all winter.

Anything specific you'd like? Sauces, rubs, local honey etc? Shoot me a PM and let's trade...this'll be the first time I ever make sauerbraten, but I think it's gonna be a regular around here. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Right now I do not need the berries, but could you send me a gin and tonic please? biggrin.gif
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i cook a lot of venison and find recipes that frequently call for juniper berries - i'd be willing to accept whatever you are willing to give.

PM me if interested.
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LOL Jeanie. I would if I had your address.
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