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veggies in cured sausage?

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I use fresh veggies in fresh sausage all the time, (onion, garlic. peppers, Etc.) but never really thought about them in a cured product. I wanted to do a jalapeƱo garlic cheese something-or-other this weekend but started thinking that the fresh peppers might not taste to good after the few days of curing and the long smoke.
does anyone add them it a cured sausage with good results?
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Fresh Jalapenos work great in sausage...
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X2 But I don't cure them for a couple days. I mix, stuff and into the smoke house.

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Thanks for asking the question dan because I'm compliling some questions for when I will start making sausage very soon. My Birthday is soon and the kids need something to buy me I hope. If not I'll buy my own and they wouldn't get any. But I will be doing sausage soon.
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I have made some smoked Italian Sausages and Brauts with fresh minced veggies, but I do not let it sit in the cure for more than half a day. I start by cutting all the meat into cubes no larger than 3/4", then mix in spices, fresh minced veggies and cure. Once mixed, I run thru the grinder ONCE, an right into the casings. I will usually let the stuffed casings sit in the fridge overnight to dry and smoke the following day, unless I make it up earlier in the day and have time to do it all. The Italian ones I made came out great, in fact, we just made some spagetti last night with them.
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