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Brinkmann Split-Door on clearance at Wal-Mart

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Been lurking awhile, and figured I'd ask a question before I buy this thing. I think they're regularly $74, and they're on clearance at my local Wal-Mart for $40. Given that I have no smoker at the moment, is that a good buy? I understand it'll need some mods to get it to right temps. I probably don't have the patience to build a UDS. My last smoker was a Rival Electric KC Smoker. I was less than impressed. :( Thanks in advance!
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Wow thats a deal alright, they don't stock them at my local store or I would have one as a spare.
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If this is the unit for $40 I say GRAB IT. I have the exact same smoker and $40 is a great buy. Just make sure you season it before smoking meat in it.
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Yep, that's the one! I'm going to head by there at lunch and hopefully they'll still have a couple left. A friend of mine just got off work and he's headed by to get one for himself. Thanks guys!
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Git er done, we are waiting for your q-view. Good luck.
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It is a very tempting thing indeed...perhaps I will go and purchase one of these and then perform the side-burner mod to it and wind up with a gasser for $40...hmmm...icon_idea.gif
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It is definitely a good price...
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That does it, I'm going to my local Walmart and see if they have any outdoor clearance items....

I'll report back here.
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I was just at the Walmart in N. Charleston and they had 7 or 8 on the shelf for $35.00
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My walmart sucks. The outdoor manager said it is grilling season all year long here, so he doesn't discount like the other stores in other regions. 4 of em at $74 in jax on san Jose and 2 propane ones for $136.
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Does anyone have this unit? I saw it the other day and it seemed very light weight. How does it hold heat? (a problem up here in NY once you get into fall/winter)

Curious because I have an SnP and would like to get a vertical at some point so I can hang things like bacon, jerky, etc.
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Hahahahaaaa, LMAO!!!!!!!! That's what you guys get for makin fun of us guys up north freezin in the winter smokin our schtuff while you're in shorts.....just kiddin!!!biggrin.gif
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I picked mine up at lunch, they had 3 left for $40. They had a decent fire pit for $50 as well (square kind with decorative tile on the border). I'm going to season it tomorrow or Friday and I'll come up with something to cook Saturday. I'm thinking brisket. :D
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would love to hear how you like it. Good luck!
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Any mods you guys recommend for this smoker? I'm going to season the thing after work today (weather permitting, 50% chance of rain). I think I read somewhere about drilling holes in the charcoal pan, or using a certain grilling wok (so the coals can breathe better). Anything else to look out for?
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If they do in fact have them on closeout here I will pick up mine and I know for a fact that I am going to take the cast iron burner from the old, decrepit turkey fryer lying in the junk pile and install it so I can use propane every once in a while!
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Checked our local Walmart yesterday and unfortunately they don't have it on clearance.
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Hey racey thats the one by you the one buy me is getting rid of all their grilling stuff 50% off. It's on the northside, the new mall wally world.
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That figures. I was hoping just to find a neat gadget to review on my blog and nothing. They moved all grilling outdoors to patio to make room for Xmas, but no clearance yet. I'll go by again tomorrow and talk to head manager. If all the other Walmarts are doing it, this one is ignoring corporate orders.

As for modding this smoker, I had to drill some holes in the charcoal bowl and fashion a raised expansion metal screen to keep briquettes out of the ash. I also drilled two holes in the very bottom using a step drill bit, about 3/4" diameter. I keep those covered with quarters, but now use fridge magnets. The holes are for cleaning grease and ash out of the bottom. If you don't cover them, your smoker will hit close to 500 degrees.

That was the only 2 mods I needed to make. I am able to maintain a good temp. Oh, last thing, I filled water pan with play sand and covered with foil. I don't miss the moisture or the hassle of an empty pan.
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What a scoop!

Like Raceyb I'm also in Fla and I checked Our local Wally World ...74 smackeroos, oh well. Glad you got the deal. My wife and I have a little code we repeat when we can't find the deal that someone has told us they found at thier Wmart. mad.gif O.W.S. (our Wmart sucks). Hope it catches on! DWD
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