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Best Brisket Meal Combo

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Other than than Baked beans and corn... What are the best accompaniments for smoked brisket?

Planning on a special dinner with my best half. She likes good southern cooking, smoked bbq and good beer.

Am considering smoked asparagus, jalapeno / cheddar flat bread, and........?

Help me please :-) I promise to qview it all.biggrin.gif Including the Alaskan White Wheat on tap icon_smile.gif

BTW.. the smallest brisket the local meat shop had was 18.9 lbs. Had them split the flat off which was basically half the length of the entire brisket. Stamp says choice and it looks like a great cut.
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ABTs, Baked Potatoes, Corn On The Cob Smoked...
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Mrs. Bairds Sliced White BreadPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifand beans!!!
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try slicing up a few potatoes, add some butter and onions, put in aluminum pan smoke for an hour, add crumbled bacon and plentay cheese topping, cook another hour or more remove and add sour cream

wild turkey on an ice cube

try sliced pineapple with cin and suger smoked for about an hour
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Lots of folks eat coleslaw with their brisket, I haven't tried it that way yet but is probably good.
Some jalapeno corn bread?
If you can get your hands on some proscuitto that would pair perfectly with the asparagus.
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Might try the potatoes. Sounds decadent which is the purpose of the meal.

Have to sub Crown for the Wild Turkey...Life is short.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Thanks for the suggestions.. Keep 'em comin'
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That is a winnerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lot of great suggestions here. My friends like the jalapeno cornbread with a honey-butter glaze that I have been making lately. Thats about as 'southern' as it comes.

I like your forum name by the way. I got a chance to climb it in 2004. My profile picture is from the 17000' camp on Denali. It was my first and only trip up there, but I can't wait for the day I can get back to Alaska. Came back with about 20lbs of salmon we caught on our rest days. They were delicious. You guys also have an awesome airport in Anchorage.
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Wow!... Kudos to you for climbing the Great One. Can see it from my deck on clear days. About as close to the top as I want to go tongue.gif

Anchorage airport (Ted Stevens International Airport) has been transformed vastly in recent years. Gotta love an airport with bear,beaver and wolves on display.
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Brisket sammies beg for good, fresh coleslaw made with real mayo on top of the meat and some made-from-scratch, frijoles-de-la-olla with green, chopped jalapenos sprinkled over them for those of us who like some heat.

Of course, very cold beer as an accompaniment~ your choice!

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I take 5 or 6 green beans and wrap them in a slice of bacon and throw on the smoker. Great for a side dish or finger food. I agree with ABTs as well.
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How about some collard greens with fatback or smoked ham hocked to go with the cornbread? Brisket, collards, cornbread and sweet tea. Good golly Ms. Molly! Don't forget the vinegar pepper sauce for those greens!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Homemade mashed potatoes, Coleslaw, Cornbread and a little of my BBQ sauce.....
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Theres a pile of stuff to make with our smokes. I like some smoked potatoes, coleslaw with chili powder and paprika, Abt's are the bomb, smoked corn is really good, don't forget the beans. and some smoked vegis are to die for. So just chose one or go to the sides pages here and you'll find more.
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Nothing. Maybe a cheap white hotdog bun to throw some of the slices into.
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Pretty hard to beat Brisket with Rivets finishing sauce, my grandma's baked beans with little smokies, and a ceaser salad using smoked anchovies in the dressing.
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I love to add some of Bobby Flays cole slaw - also love the 7 cheese mac and cheese - course I'd eat that with dirt if I had to
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Beside my brisket on the plate I like a sliced up smoked hot link sausage with just about any sweet BBQ sauce drizzled on it. Throw on some toasted french bread, some corn, and maybe a little pasta salad and a beer.
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More meat!

I like my brisket with a side of what else?.......RIBS!

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What is this jalapeno corn bread you speak of???
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