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not sure a spice,pepper ??

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went to a local BBQ place, i heard the ribs were great and this guy really smokes the meat he sells.

Well i got the ribs and WOOOOOHOOOOO they were good but the best part is the "spice" but of course the cook wont tell me what it is.

I think its peppercorn, it is bright red and looks like a round peppercorn but it has a sweet taste to it so much so that while i ate the ribs i was looking forward to a bite with this "seed" on it.

i have looked on line but can not find out what it is like i said it looks like a red peppercorn but has a sweet taste also i was thinking that maybe the smoke or maybe another spice mixed to it "changed" the flavor.

thanks in advanced,

your fellow smoker

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There was a good chance it was a pink peppercorn then
Did it look like these?

Wiki says:
Pink pepper from Piper nigrum is distinct from the more-common dried "pink peppercorns", which are the fruits of a plant from a different family, the Peruvian pepper tree, Schinus molle, and its relative the Brazilian pepper tree, Schinus terebinthifolius. In years past there was debate as to the health safety of pink peppercorns, which is mostly no longer an issue.
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