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Smoking a Brined Turkey in The Traeger, and The Big Easy

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Smoking a Brined Turkey in The Traeger, and The Big Easy
Brined a turkey, smoked in the Traeger, crisp up and finished in The Big Easy
First the Brine:

24 hours later it in the Traeger.

Smoking Fine

3 ½ hours at 180 smoke temp and internal temp of 120 so time to put it in The Big Easy. Want to put my holder on, Tommy’s Ring, but it would not balance.

Roasting great

This Turkey is done

Time to carve

Nice and juicy
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Hey thats almost what my back porch/outdoor kitchen will like for turkey day. You did a fine job there too.
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That looks great, I LOVE smoked turkey, and who doesn't?

Great post and beautiful bird points.gif
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Great looking bird. I've yet to do a turkey but am thinking of giving it a try for Thanksgiving. Any tips?
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Nice looking turkey there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The birds the word. Congrats on a great smoke and Q too.
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I still have not done a whole turkey myself....Any advice???? Yours looks great
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In a word Brine it, one cup of kosher salt per gallon of water overnight, you can add some brown sugar and other spices if desired.

Good luck!!
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Good lookin birdie......But why didn't you finish the bird in the Traeger????? PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Use a Weber kettle. No brine necessary.. Juicy meat.
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I did a turkey on the Weber kettle some years ago. Took 5 hours and came out great, but it was not what I'd call a smoked turkey.
Did a 20lb turkey last Thanksgiving on my CGSP. Took all night and most of that day.... a truly smoked turkey. I'm gonna do a smoked turkey for Xmas. And even though it's more work having to wake every couple hours to tend the coals, I'm definitely doing it on the offset smoker.

My advice:
- Brine. ronp is correct.
- Mop. Every hour or so at first, and then every two hours later; make sure your mop includes some vinegar. You'll lose a bit of heat of course which makes the process take longer, but you'll get a skin that's tender/crisp rather than rubbery.
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Wow! That looks great.
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First answer, The Big Easy crisps up the skin better then the smoker, oven or gill.
I use a brine in turkey like many others whom have been smoking for 40 years of so to enchance flavor and moisture.
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I gotta try this. Have the Treager & Big Easy. Don't know how I missed this post ... Thanks ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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A few questions ... What was your final internal temp after the Big Easy?
Tommy's Ring ???
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I think the final temperture of whatever one is cooking is up to the one cooking. I pull at a breast temp above 170, meaty part of the inner thigh over 180 and juices running clear.
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