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for those of us with celiac and bread issues....

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Bless those Italians....

I apologize for the lab-ese heavy document, but this is very very promising...

here's some commentary about the subject written in a slightly more understandable form..

and for you lab-rat types, here's the aem abstract

I'm going to be doing a little personal experimentation myself, with wild capture yeast/lactobacilli, long (4 day) ferment sourdough bread and if I wind up with any interested replies, I'll note back with how it affects me.

a few notes:

I've had experience in the past with 'artisan' sourdough bread that didn't trigger a reaction from me, and this would likely explain why, but I'll be carefully monitoring this. I'm 'cautiously' hopeful in that I may be able to have a sandwich that isn't on %$#^%# lettuce leaves again.
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an update

I've been working with a long ferment (2-3 days) wild sourdough, and having good success with it.

I've adapted a 'no knead' recipe (the new york times one) and happily enough, eating this bread has caused me very little distress (one loaf that I didn't let work the full 2 days) to absolutely none (2 days or more of fermentation). my celiac health problems are abating, even, which is an unexpected result.

I cant' speak for all celiac sufferers, but I can say that for me, this is working, and I'm so glad to be able to have BREAD after years of not being able to.

it's a fairly dense, hearty bread, with a crackly crust and a chewy crumb, but I'm in hog heaven.

I'll try to get pictures and such. maybe. if I can find the camera...
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Glad to hear that its working out for you. I cant imagine not being able to have bread.
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