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Kosher Breakfast Links...any ideas?

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Okay, so I have never made this without pork....But my in laws are Jewish and I want to make them some breakfast links. I have a bunch of antelope meat and would like to supplement with some beef. I have some sheep casings to stuff them into, but am drawing a blank on what spices and what type of beef I should buy. I was thinking about just buying some lean burger, grinding the antelope and adding some beef fat, then some spices and brown sugar, it would be a fresh/frozen sausage so I don't think cure is necessary. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The cure certainly won't be necessary if it's just fresh sausage that you are going to fully cook.

As far as spices go, it's tough to go wrong with good old
S&P and a goodly amount of garlic for a start, then whatever you like...paprika, fennel seed....the list is really endless.

Good luck with the sausage!
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Most breakfast sausages seem to maby have a few red pepper flakes (?), and maybe some oregano (?). I'd say grind up about a pound of your meat mix then season and cook 1 patty at a time and adjust seasonings as needed. Then once you hava a seasoning mix you like go from there for the rest of it. Good luck! biggrin.gif
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Well I don't know how it will turn out as this recipe calls for pork, but this is basically a Jimmy Dean Clone. Here it is for a 10# batch.

4Tbl Kosher Salt
1 Tbl ground white pepper
2 Tbl rubbed Sage
1 tsp ginger
1 Tbl Nutmeg
1 Tbl Thyme
1 Tbl ground hot red pepper. I've used 1/2 Tbl in mine and seemed right.
2 Cups Ice water to mix everything together with then add to meat and mix and either stuff into casings or like I do, make into patties. Like I said, this is meant for pork sausage, but I would think something as wonderful as wild game, particularly antelope, it should turn out pretty good.
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Not a whole lot of info out there on recipes that would be kosher and sausage but here are a few links I found that you can check out and see what you think.
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I think I will try this, so since the antelope is so lean, I was thinking for a 10# batch I would use 3lbs of beef fat and 7lbs of game, does that sound about right?
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there is a recipe for Kosher beef sausae in rytek's book ,
I have made it and it is very good. I dont recall all the ingredients
but I will go look for you in a few
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The best sausages I have ever had always included caraway seeds. Left whole, they can get hung up between your teeth so give them a very coarse grind just before adding them. Basically you just want to crack them in half.

Your 70/30 proportion of meat to fat sounds about right for lean game. I've never worked with antelope but that would be fine for venison.
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kosher sausage

One thing to keep in mind when it is Kosher:
You should only use beef from the rib, or chuck of the cattle. Kosher meat is never from the hind of the cattle. Most kosher beef will have been drained of the blood and salted. I would suggest getting the beef from a kosher retailer or butcher and keep in mind the salt that is already in it when mixing the spices.
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Mix together:

8 oz. salt
2 oz. pepper
1 oz. rubbed sage

makes 11 oz. of seasoning

cut up meat and fat, into small chunks (1"-2" inch)

measure out ½ oz. of seasoning per pound of meat (11 oz. seasoning will season 22 lbs. of meat; 4 oz. seasoning for 8 lbs. meat, etc.)

mix with meat and let set in fridge for ½ hour. Salt will draw out moisture making it a nicely wetted mix.

Grind twice, once through coarse plate, 2nd time through fine plate.

Make patties for bulk, or stuff into 19mm sheep casings for little links or 28-32 mm hog casings for dinner links. I just made a batch and didn't try pushing it to case it, just hand-made patties on wax paper on a cookie sheet, two layers, then froze. When solid, peeled them off the papers and ziplocked them.
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