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3rd attempt Brisket w/qview

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Did this brisket a few Saturdays ago. Had a little get together at a friends house so all the anti brisket people could try it out. I must say that it wasn't the best I've had but it was pretty good. Good enough to turn some Iowans onto it.

From Sam's Club.
weight 17 1/2 - 18 lbs untrimmed, trimmed was probably 16 lbs.
Seasoned it late Thursday night, threw it in a cooler for about 8 hours then took it out and let it get back to room temp.
I thought it would take 14 plus hours to cook this beast but for some reason (lack of wind) it didn't, took right at 12 1/2 hours. After I let is cook for 5 hours I pulled it out and put it in a make shift aluminum pan, mopped it and put it back in the smoker. Mopped it every 45 minutes after that. I couldn't keep the smoker as low as I would have liked it (ran about 240-245) but I let it cook till the thermometer showed 165. Pulled it out, wrapped it up in foil and sleeping bags, and shoved it in a cooler to rest. Served it 6 hours later and it was still hot. I forgot to take pics at that point even though the camera was sitting right there. Duh!

I think the directions were followed for posting qviews. We'll see.
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WOW, that is one fine looking LARGE BRISKET...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Me Thinks you should have opted for the wide body smoker if you plan on many that size...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Well the brisket looks pretty good to me. I can't see any reason someone would be "anti-brisket". You didn't have any Peta people there did you LOL. Looks good, but I can see one thing you need to do. You need a bigger smokerbiggrin.gif.
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Great job on that Big Boy in cramped quarters.. A couple more like this one and you should start giving some thought to a larger smoker.biggrin.gif
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I smoke em at 250-260.It is beef after all.

How did it taste?????
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Haha, I just recently got my smoker and haven't had a chance to do a brisket yet. Hadn't really thought of the space issue I'll have in my 30" MES until I saw your pic. I'll probably have to do the same thing with bending it up like that.
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Looks good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Actually 240° to 245° is generally my target temp. biggrin.gif

Only took it to 165°, huh?? Wasn't it a little tough??

You might try taking the next one to 195° - 205° or until when you stick a probe in it, it slides in like butter with very little resistance. It'll be a lot more tender that way and should convince the rest of your anti-brisket crowd. biggrin.gif

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Great looking beef! I'm kinda with Dave here, but then again - I can see how your method would work well.

First, I assume you wanted sliced, not pulled. Second - notice that he said it was wrapped and resting for SIX HOURS and was still hot when he took it out! I would say then, that if you removed it at 165° and let it rest THAT long, it was probably up to 180 - 185 at least by the time you went to slice it, which is just about perfect. Resting a huge hunk of meat for that long once removed from the heat - will really make a tough 'ol brisket very tender - even without taking it to 200°. The natural juices have a loooong time to redistribute, which is what makes it so good when you finally slice to eat it.

I've found that sometimes I like the meat to have more of a texture to it than it does cooking it to 200°. Melt in your mouth pulled pork or pulled beef is great, but sometimes I want the texture that you actually have to chew a little bit. Good job!
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Yep 165° wasn't the correct temp. icon_redface.gif It was 185°. It was verrry tender, melt in your mouth kind of tender. I'm thinking the 165° must have been where it hung at for quite a few hours. There seems to be a point where you never gain any ground and that was probably the temp I was thinking of. Made me think though and I checked what the thermometer was set at, 185°. icon_mrgreen.gif

I've only had my vertical smoker a year and a half so I'll probably hold off on getting a bigger one. The better half might frown upon that. I have my Chargriller that I could attach the fire box to that would give me a bigger area for large briskets. I might have to put that on Santa's list!!icon_biggrin.gif
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look fantastic,that must have tastedpoints.gif
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Just to clarify . . . I'm not criticizing . . . just offering suggestions.biggrin.gif

Smoke on . . . PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Looks like it turned out great but man! That was a big 'ol brisket!
Nice picture of the rub on the floor...just an accident or too many drinks?
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Looks good and glad to hear it was enjoyed by all. Personally I go to 190-195 for slicing and 205-210 for pulling but thats just my preference
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If I tell you I am anti brisket do I get an invite to the next brisket cook?
Looks great!

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now thats one of the largest briskets I have seen in a while. You should orint and post that picture of th brisket all rolled up and put it on the refrig and use it for the need of a bigger smoker. Thats jone way I got my Vault. Well that and a wedding for about 80 people too. You did a fine job on this brisket so see theres no reasone to give up on them.
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