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Cheap thermometer question

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I wanted to get two nicer thermometers for my chargrill smoker, but have not found anything I like locally yet, so may have to order some. as a stop gap to get a better temp readings than with the stock thermometer, I bought a $5 meat thermometer at Wally world. It has a 12 inch long probe on it and registers from 50 to 650 degrees. I grilled a hole and mounted it about 3 inches above the grill on the left side of the grill. I calibrated it with boiling before doing this. Can I consider this fairly accurate as a stop gap for now?
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Thats tough to answer, if it works it works, you need to test it and if its accurate then use it...I would be nervous myself about it..Im usually as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs when Im cooking..
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If you calibrated it then you should be good
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Here is a great place to get good thermometers for smokers at reasonable prices and honest service...
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I bought my therm off ebay several months ago and am very happy with. Very accurate and easy to read. Here is a link to the place I bought mine at. At the time, they offered a few different ones with different stem lengths.
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That's what I thought, just wondered what the thought was on the 12" probe.
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Here's a link to what Cook's Illustrated rated number 1 in their thermometer tests.
They say it's the best bang for the buck, but consider getting an extra probe just in case.
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Those are temp probes. He is writing about temp gauges for the grill/smoker that are installed in the top.
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If this thermometer has a 12 probe and you have it in the smoker only 3 inches you are telling us that you have 9 inches of this thing sticking out of th smoker. Doesn't get in the way when your smoking or is it in a place where it will be out of the way. If you teasted this thing in boiling water you should be fine I think so. I also have purshased a cheapo thermometer from wally world and tested it with ice water and boiling water and it is still working fine as far as I know bt it is time to test it again I think.
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I got a pair of 3" here at a very reasonable price.
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It has a 12" probe, but is inserted all the way in to the smoker, about 3" above the grilling service. I have it on the end, so it is not in the way, too bad. I want to get the ones with the bigger dials, and will soon, but wondered if the cheapo's will server the purpose for now. Wondered if there is any issues with inaccurate readings with this type of thermometer.
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I have a grill care that I think was about $15.00 at Lowes and it works great on the ecb R2 I also have a MADE IN CHINA Thats all it says... if its no good I'm out $9.00 and its for my buddies uds. if yours works you have a good tool if not you'll find out. Good luck.
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