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I need a new smoker

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I will only smoke with charcoal so I will post this here.

I have a pretty good horizontal smoker but the more and more I smoke, I want a vertical smoker for more space and to do other things.

What is a good vertical smoker? My friend suggested a Brinkmann Smoke King but I know this forum will give the best advice.

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I think you'll get a unanimous UDS vote unless you say you don't want one.

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I'm not sure which one would be the best for I have 2 gasser a Gosm and a smoke vault 24" but I do now have a bandera and smoked for the first time last night and it's charcoal. I thought it was alot of work and used alot of charcoal. I haven't ate the food yet so I don't know if it tasted as good as everyone has said it would.
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Here, here, on the UDS vote PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif !

If you don't have access to a UDS, or the means to build one, I'd go with the Weber Smokey Mountain. My first rig was a vertical Brinkmann charcoal smoker (ecb) and I loved it, except for the size. I saw a WSM in person and it seemed pretty wide, and nice!
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Finally finished my UDS on saturday and did some spare ribs yesterday. Easy to keep the temperature under control and plenty of room for family dinners. Doesnt take too much fuel and when the neighbors look over the wall and ask "are you cooking with a trash can" it only makes you laugh.
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Just my opinion

Hey, here is my $.05 worth of knowledge. I have a vertical gasser, and a UDS....I think I will be using my UDS more and more. It is just too easy...just read all you can about all the charcoal vertical smokers and make your own that I have the UDS...not sure why I paid what I did for the vertical has been a headache...but then again I am at a high altitude and nobody makes anything for here.
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Are there any pictures or plans to make such a device? I'd like to see what a UDS is all about.
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Here ya go

BTW here's mine.

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A WSM is the best smoker I have used(i had a loaner for a few months this summer). So good I am getting one for x-mas.

Maybe if I had the time(time is $$$), easy access to drums, and the necessary tools I would do a UDS, they look like they turn out some good bbq.
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Uds! Uds! Uds!
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