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Another tail of two Chuckies!

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the other day I posted about withdrawls from smoking in this thread.

well yesterday I was off so I decided to do a couple chuckies
I didnt have time for allot of Qview since I had yardwork and a host of other things to do that have piled up.
anyway, two chuckies. I rubbed both with EVOO, then one with Cavender's Greek seasoning and the other with 17th street Magic Dust
into the GOSM over Hickory @225 after about 5 hours they were sitting at 145* pulled them and foiled with a bit of apple juice. back in for about 3 more hours til they Hit 200* It was late so I just pulled them and into the fridge. I also did a pan of whicked beans minus the Japs for a potluck we went to at church.
very successful day of smoking for me.
but it didnt satisfy my craving all the way.
today its to chicks going in whole over apple and a pan of onions and celery. going to make smoked chix soup with ravioili for the fire dept meeting tomorrow night. more Qview to come on that project.
2 chuckies, one was about 3 the other almost 4 pounds

rubbed and ready one on the left is cavenders right is magic dust

after I unwrapped this morning. I will pull them after they warm up a bit.
the cavenders one had a little more flavor than the dust. but I am going to mix it all together!

I didnt get any Q of the beans
thanks for looking
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Looking good man congrats on the smoke!
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Looks great, glad you got to feed your addiction.
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Those look great and like fire I'm also glad you could help out those addictions man the pains of not smoking is hard to deal with sometimes. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Very nice Uncle lar.I guess one way to look at is some of the other addictions are a tad pricier and harder on the body.

Glad you found some time-them chuckies look great...
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very nice looking meat you have there PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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