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A Challenge To Me And A First - Thanks Carol W/Qview

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I came home with a 5 1/2 pound uncooked Sam's Rotisserie chicken and announced I was going to do it on the Weber 18 1/2 inch kettle. Note I have never done this before. In fact I can't remember when I ever used this grill, I remember picking it up at a garage sale years ago. Carol says "why waste a good chicken on that thing"mad.gifWHAT? Did she forget I have been cooking for 100 years?tongue.gif I was thinking all day on how to set it up since it is kinda small. The only doubt I had was a bird that big fitting under the lid. I think I figured out every thing before I got home.

So, off we go.

The bird with some additional rub from Paul, thanks again.

Charcoal on one side drip pan on the other and grate probe in place.

TBS right away.

The only problem I see is keeping the temps up. I had it up to 235' and after I loaded the bird it went down to 160'. I'm sure it will take a while to get the chill out of the bird. Damn I already used a quarter bag of charcoal and I just started. I don't have the hinged grate so I have to add charcoal at the handle, just enough room for a briq and some pecan that Pinney sent me, a perfect fit. I use a paint stick to move the coals around when needed.

Damn I miss the MES already.

Wish me luck on this one so I can show Carol what I can do on my own without the MES.

More to come.
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Aah, man...I like the sounds of this already! Great looking start, Ron!

Hey, if you've got a spare/older pair of tongs handy for the briqs/smoke wood, that's what I use...any 'ol cheapo's will work fine. I found a pair of 15" all stainless at wallyworld.com last winter for $2.00/ea, maybe $2.50 tops...bought 2 pair and no regrets for even one second...use 'em every outdoor cook session.

Keep us informed...got me thinkin' about yard birds again...been awhile for me.

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I thought you were talking about a smokey Joe at first....Thats 1 big bird but I got confidence that RonP can handle it for sure...Cant wait to see the final..
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I'm sure it's going to come out just fine. Make sure you show the final pics, Ron.
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Stick with it man. If anyone can bring this bird back from the brink I know it'll be you.
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You can do it Ron, We have Faith in you...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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your just teaseing us ron-we all know you will come through for Carol.you gonna have enough coal?
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Thanks for the confidence guys.
Yes Bob I have enough coals, but they go quick.

Looking good so far here, internal is 145' and grate is 230'. I was hoping for higher temps. Lots of playing around though.

More to come.
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Damn, I forgot to have my wife inquire about their chickens when she went there. Living in the sticks; I love it but missing the city when it comes to conveinience.

Looking forward to your finished product Ron !!!
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Your MES isn't going to talk to you for weeks Man!
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Gotta be getting close to the end by now...
Love the look of that rub as well, couldn't quite make out the name, what kind was it?
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Not a doubt in my mind if anyone can do it, you can Ron!!!!! Waitng for those delicious final pics....

PS. My smoker has been turning it's nose up at me when I walk past it lately. Think it's trying to tell me something????? LOL
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All done.

Nice color.

I don't usually eat the breast but couldn't resist. Almost ate the whole side. Really juicy.

Plus I ate this. Nice and real juicy.

Carol's plate tonight. All she wanted was buttered noodles, and cold chicken, with a dollop of mayo for dipping, weird I know.

Fire It Up, I got this from Paul, Ultimate Tailgate Clasic Kansas City rub. www.ultimatetailgateinc.com Really good stuff.

Over all it was a pain to keep the temps up and the TBS flowing, but it worked just fine. The highest temp I could get was 265', but mostly hovered around 235'.

Back to my old sweetheart MES.

Thanks for looking.
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Dang now I ant chicken...Boy that looks good...Looks really juicy...Ohh my fav dipping sauce is mayo so Carol is my new hero......Great job
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Man, as much as I love my chix thighs I'm eating right now....wanna swap a quarter for 4 of my boneless skinless thighs?

That is a picture perfect bird, Ron! I really like the charcoal fired myself...extra work and can be touchy at times, but I think well worth it.

How'd you like the flavor compared to your regular smoker?

Sounds and looks like you did have some challenges along the way, but practice makes perfect...didn't take you long to figure out what to do with this bird on the weber kettle.

Nicely done & points are coming!

With that, I bid you many more great smokes, Ron! Thanks for sharing that great experience!

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The chicken looks great Ron... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Was the flavor better or worse than on the MES?
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It certainly wasn't worse, hard to compare without having both to taste.

It was delicious. I think those Sam's Chickens are the BOMB.
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Congrats on a great smoke, it can be done if you've got the time and know how. You've proved your point to Carol, now just kick it with the MES.
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I knew you would do it!!!!!! Great lookin bird!!!!! But is that really a chicken??? By the size of it I thought it was a turkey.....LOL biggrin.gif
points.giffor a really juicy bird.......PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes it a chicken 5.5 pounds. I just devoured the wings, good stuff.
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