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Brisket and more brisket (strami style) w/Qview

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Been a while since I've posted, mainly because I usually forget to take pix :) Almost did that this time, till the 5am mark. Started out with a 12 lb packer that I cut into the flat and point. Used the "special" rub from here and let set for about 12 hrs. Started those at midnight Friday night. (no pix yet) At 5 AM I added two pre-corned flats from Costco rubbed with a nice strami rub. I'm hoping I've found that recipie again as I didn't write it down and it's been a few months since I made the rub. I believe it consists of ground peppercorns, coriander, kosher salt, paprika & smoked paprika, brown sugar, mustard seeds and garlic powder. I tossed in some ground chipotle pepper into as well :)

These were all smoked over a combination of apple and pecan woods. Last pastrami I tried over a bit of hickory, and was too strong, this time both meats came out with a wonderful flavor, great burnt ends, and very tender.

Pastrami to be ready for the MES

Added this to the two racks of the original brisket

At 180 degrees I took the main brisket out, wrapped toweled and let rest for an hour

Both briskets sliced up. Next time, I'm thinking I need to inject them, as they're a bit dry.

These were done around 3pm, the pastrami came out at 170ish an hour later.

Wrapped them and let rest about 3 hours before putting in the fridge to chill another 3 hrs, then finally sliced on my slicer. Made quite the mess :)


Made the 'strami a few times now soaking the salt out of the costco corned beef flats helps. Can't wait till these flats are on sale next st. patty's day.
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Well with that list of ingredients you definitely can't go wrong with the rub. Nice addition with the chipotle.
Can't wait for the final results, don't forget to take pics PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks Great...
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those look good
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"Can't wait till these flats are on sale next st. patty's day."

Yup !! That's the plan over here too. biggrin.gif

Thanks for the great Q-view of the Pastrami. Looks like you're good to go for Reuben Sandwiches for the next few days.
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You did a great job on both of them. I like the pastrami and you don't have to wait for st. patties day for one we do them all the time in fact there is one on the bandera as we speak. The brisket did you spritz it at all. Did you want the bark or just don't like to foil it and take it too 200-205. Thats what I do and they come out really juicy.
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Now that's a great looking pile of Pastrami!

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I had taken some of the trimmed fat from the brisket and put it with some beef broth and apple juice in the drip pan, used that to baste the brisket. I'll try foiling it and letting it go further next time. I was trying to keep it slice-able. Oddly enough, I've found the brisket moister and more tender after it's been chilled and reheated.

As for the pastrami, the pre-corned flats are about $4/lb at costco, and almost impossible to find in the normal markets most of the year. Tempted to just trim the packers down and brine em myself. Just don't have a place to brine that much meat :) Packers run usually around $2/lb to less if I can find a good sale.
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Most pastrami are the points around this way.So if you seperated the point you could do a flat as a regular brisket and a pastrami from the point....2.49 is a cheap as i have seen the pastrami per pound here.....
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That's great to know. The last pastrami I did was with points, as that was all that was left after patty's day. They're dirt cheap during that holiday.
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