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Looking for advice...

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I broke down and finally bought a MES. Since it's getting close to turkey time I wanted to do a turkey in the MES. For those who have one, is this smoker capable of getting the temperature up high enough to do the bird right?

I couldn't get my charcoal smoker up to temp in the cooler temps last fall so I couldn't try a turkey. Before I bother to test it I figure I would ask here first.
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I don't own an MES but there will be someone along soon that will be able to help. From what I understand, most smokers will reach temps as high as you want them, it's trying to get them regulated and maintained that's the fun/art of it.
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The MES 40"that i have maxs out at 275 deg. Don't know what temp you are wanting to smoke turkey at , You should be able to smoke on the MES then run it thru a hot oven to crisp up the skin.
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It will work. As said you may have to finish on a grill or oven at 350' if you want the skin crispy.

It's a great smoker. Check their recipe for turkey. I have done many breasts with great results.

Good luck!
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I don't own one either so you mite want to listen to ron he has one I think. Some people here smoke they chickens and finish tjem or chrisp the skin on a regular grill.
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