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Home made smoker trailer for a bicycle - Page 2

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JUST TOOOOOOOOOOOO COOLPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifandpoints.gifpoint for all the cool stuff that went along with it.icon_smile.gif
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That is so cool!
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Too cool for school! BTW, where's the safety chains..............just in case?
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Awesome! Great ingenuity!
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That's off the wall kewl. points.gif

I just have one question, will stopping mid race for a 14 hour brisket smoke ruin your chances to come in first in the triathilon? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Lol, nah it works like this...
This thing will smoke right along as you ride, sooo if I plan it just right and take off at the beginning of the pack, the rolling meat smoker lulls the other racers into just following me. When the brisket is ready I pull over and start servin up, when their bellies are full I take off and come in 1st place! works every time!
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That is SICK.. GREAT JOB LOVE IT. Plus great pictures of it to. hows it work? NICE!!!!!!!!

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That Hurst shifter seals the deal- awesome!!

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That is really cool. Every Fourth of July we have a bike parade, and it would be super cool to have that towing behind puffing TBS!!!

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yahoo.gifI love it, wow I wished I have one.

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That's cool..... or too much time on his hands...ROTF.gif

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I know this thread is older, but I think it's awesome. I want to build one similar and an curious the overall dimension of the trailer? Hope to hear from you. Thanks
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Great concept! Smoking hot idea!


Looks like it's possible to incorporate a cylinder and double duty as a steam engine to drive the bicycle. 



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Good skills, great imagination! I love it! 

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Okay so this needs to be marketed on Mackinac Island here in Michigan.  Only Bicycles are allowed on the Island or Horse Drawn Carriages... VERY Neat.

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Just plain NEATO. I'd love to make me a small smoker as well. I have 2 huge ones for events but only a cheap propane grill for grilling burgers and dogs. Its about to finally cool off here in Florida and I found out today that a buddy of mine down the street is interested in helping me with some welding on one of the big smokers, maybe I can get some help making/welding a small one too.

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