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I was wondering the same thing. Those look really, really good! I found these that look the same as what he used.
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No, unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce a proper clone recipe for marinated cherry peppers. I buy those at a local supermarket that has an olive and such bar, bruschetta, bunch of olives, pepper shooters, marinated artichokes, all pretty good stuff and the peppers are cheaper that way compared to buying the jars but still have to pay $8lb for them.
Most recipes for them call for the peppers to already be pickled but if anyone has a good recipe where you make them fresh from the garden I would love to try it.

You could always just buy the peppers in a jar and stuff those yourself and maybe let them sit in some olive oil or whatever for a few hours to soak up the flavor.
Any hints as to what you are doing or is it a surprise?
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thanks for the info,

I dont have time to stop @ a place that I think would have these, or at least the prosciutto, etc to do them myself.

I am thinking of buying a jar of the whole cherry peppers, and stuffing them myself by piping some cheese mixed with a little cream cheese to make it pipeable, then roll the stuffed pepper in some leftover Italian sausage from the ABT's I am doing.

thanks for the idea, like I said above yours looked great.
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Sounds like a good idea, just remember the peppers are in vinegar so take that into account in the flavor field. Also hopefully they will be firm enough to hold when you wrap in sausage.
The best way I have found is to flatten out a circle of sausage in your hand, place the pepper on it and push it down, cupping your hand and moving the pepper around with the cupped hand and forming and pushing the meat up and over with your other hand, then to give a good seal I always toss them in my hands a few times, like if you were making meatballs.
Don't know if I ever mentioned that before so I hope it helps.
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thanks for the tips, of course Ill post some pics of what I turn otu.
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