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Smoked Tenderloin Fatty

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So, i've been getting curious about what i could smoke and how it would turn out. So right now i have a 5 lb tenderloin that i cut in half.. coated with pickapeppa and then rubbed. Next i made two bacon weaves as if i was rolling a fatty. I rolled the tenderloin in the bacon weave, and on the smoker it sits. I am one hour into the smoke with maybe another hour or so to go until i reach 145 then I am pulling it. I will let you know how it turns out. with qview to follow. Anyone ever done this before??
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Never tried it before but sounds like it should be tasty, looking forward to the Qview.
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n, but it sounds good!!!!!!!!!!
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I had similiar idea,but was vetod by higher power.Will enjoy seeing yours....
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It sounds like a fancy idea so get the Qview going and show it to us please.
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I feel your pain. Due to the bacon weave my fatties have been limited to once a month. icon_rolleyes.gif
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That sounds like it is going to be awesome. Cant wait to see the results
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Be sure to have samples ready for us!
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Yeah...Vetoed by woman....Doing one tomorrow in oven-SIGH!!!!
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Might have been better off doing oven cooking today. been a pain in the rear keeping temps up with 45 mph wind gusts today. Just lighting the coal chimney has gotten a bit exciting. Will have to live vicariously through the guys and gals on this forum for a week or so.

Can smell that tenderloin already PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I dont know if i should call it a tendy or a fattyloin... but its done, and it is delicious!! I have the second half that i will be smoking tomorrow. I will be following a recipe that i found in smoke and spice for Tamarind tenderloin. Cant wait to try the cream cheese sauce!!! Its interesting.. it curled during the last 45 min. of smoking.(im guessing it was the tendon on the back being shrunk from the heat.) interesting effect though...I held the temp around 210 for about 3 hours and pulled it at a temp of 141. Wrapped it in foil, a blanket and put it in a cooler for 45 minutes. My idea was... with the bacon weave, i wouldnt have to sear it first. I was right. It came out juicier than i expected it to, and perfectly med. rare. I started the smoke with apple, and ended with hickory. I like mixing flavors. The hickory was strong, but you could taste the sweetness of the apple after the first few seconds. I took plenty of pics, and i will get them posted tomorrow. Until then... im always looking for new ideas and reccomendations for things to throw in the pit. Smoke em' if you got em!!!
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So here are the pictures that i promised. This fattyloin turned out extremely juicy and tender.

Im assuming it curled because of the tendon running the length of the loin contracting during the cooking process.

So there you have it... I plan on smoking the other one today.
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ROCK ON! fattyloin

Looks whats happened while I was gone! Looks good Stretch! OK man OK that is some tasty looking Que.. Keep the Qview coming .. glad you made it on here! FINALLY!!!


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