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Et-75 ?

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Anybody familiar with the Maverick ET-75 for use with a rotisserie?

When I'm not smoking, it's a good bet I'll have the rotisserie fired up, but I use the EZ-Que model.

I'm not sure that the clips supplied will fit the EZ-Que like they would a normal rotisserie.

Does anybody own one?
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I hear an awful lot about et-73 model of Maverick thermometer now there's a model for the rotisserie. Cool I guess but why couldn't you use this one for the regular smoker or vice versa.
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Looking at the product this is the big difference.

The Maverick ET-75 transmitter mounts on the handle of the spit and turns along with it. A stainless steel probe is inserted into the meat, with the wire passing through a special collar that supports the spit while preventing the probe wire from damage.

It would be a pita to try it with the ET 73. Not only that but I've burnt up a couple probes from to high of heat.
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I heard (different site) that there are fit issues with both the Ez Q and the Weber ring. Fairly simple fixes, but still a pain.
Goggle it!
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No issues at all with my thing I've ever bought for the grill, and nice because you don't punch a hole in your meat and let the juice out.

Thanks for the replies guys...I guess the jury is still out on the et 75
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