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Help! Baby back ribs!

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Has anyone ever had to do 3-2-1 method for pork baby back ribs instead of 2-2-1? I bought some pork baby back ribs from the Ralphs near my house (they were on display and pretty dry) and have them in my smoker right now. They've been going for about 2-2.5 hours now and still no pullback.... getting a little worried.
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I would just go to the foil stage and see if you get some pull back there. Maybe some ribs don't pull back but I have only done 5-6 racks on a Gosm and I had alittle pull back.
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I'd pull them now and foil. You might not get much pull back with baby backs.
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Sounds like you're getting good advice. They'll continue to cook and pull back in the foil. Good luck.
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ok thanks! got em in foil w/ a little apple juice let's see what happens :)
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Good luck man. Don't forget the qview!
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Go for the tenderness. I use my index finger and poke it between the bones. If you can poke it through easily they are done.

Are your smoker temps accurate? If you foil don't forget to add some liquid, just a splash or two.

Good luck!!
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So, how did they turn out?
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they turned out just right, thanks everyone! I'd post some pics but I ate them all before i had a chance lol, here's a pic of the chicken i smoked :)

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