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Smoked Cajun Chicken w/QView

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Is it wrong to pat yourself on the back after you've smoked something that really turned out well? Well after this chicken, I was pattin. LOL
Here's qview of some cajun chicken I just did and wow!

Here's some pieces minus the breasts that I had put on a head of time.

Here's the breasts.

Here's all pieces I did about half way done.

Here's the breasts done.
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Pat away my friend. That's some great looking food.

Nice work!
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Keep posting pics like that and you won't have to pat yourself on the back! Here you go (pat pat pat).biggrin.gif
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Yes sir patt away sometimes you have to toot your own horn. Thats just one of the reasons we do this is to be good at something we care about. For me it's feeding people and I don toot my own horn sometimes but when you can pull it off it's really nice to do and look back and say I Did That.
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Very, very nice....I could almost taste them through my screen!
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Thanx Gang

I'm finding out that the cajun rub that I started out using for ribs is working on just about everything. That's what I used on this chicken and wow.
It makes great burgers too. I'm always getting texts from family members and friends about wanting my cajun burgers.
Crap, they've even said they would buy everything if I'd smokem.
Thanx again.
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Great Looking Chicken...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look awesome great job
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Scratch n Lick

LOL! That reminds me, last year sometime I put this vid up on youtube. If you want to check it out here's the link:

I was just having a little fun with the vid.
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Those look great! Beautiful color on those...what kind of wood did you use?
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I fired it up with Mali's Lump (I use this to get all my smoking going) then I used all wild cherry all the way through. Nice pleasant flavor. Temp was 275-290.
It was funny though, my 13 yr son came in after I started this thread and grabbed a piece and took a bite. He looked at his mom and apologized to her. She was like, what did you do? He said nothing it's just that this is the best chicken I've ever eaten. She just frowned at me... LOL I guess you had to be there.
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That would have been my guess...One of my favorites...I absolutely love the nice mahogany color that it produces.
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Looks good

I looove good smoked bird. Looks good.
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looks good!!!!!!!
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