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Bradley wood discs in a GOSM?

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Maybe a dumb question but have any of you used Bradley wood pucks in a GOSM or similar propane smoker? Just the ease of storage and uniform size seems like they would work perfectly.
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Bradley pucks are way too expensive to use in anything that doesn't require them, If I had it to do over again I would not have bought a Bradley if for no other reason than the cost of the pucks...

Wood Chips or Chunks are so much cheaper to buy and probably better grade of wood...
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Thanks! - As far as the $ I figured as much but just in case I could get a deal on the pucks I wondered how they smoked in just a GOSM chip box.
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Bradley pucks are designed to burn for 20 minutes in the Bradley. I don't think a pack of 12 would last long in anything else.
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Bradley "Pucks" can be bought for about .33 cents each off of Amazon. The Bradley and the pucks are designed to use less smoke time. For an hour of smoke it cost about $1.00. Most smoke times in a Bradley are less than 4hrs [running smoke] so they are very cheap and inexpensive to use.

Will they work in your GOSM don't know.
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The bradely smoke pucks sounds good but if they smoke for 20 minutes and they cost what. You should just stick with the chips and chunks if you ask me.
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If you're thinking beyond chips and chunks, maybe try Pellets instead.

I've used pellets in various ways and been pretty happy with the quality and reliability of the smoke.
And pellets are cheaper than pucks.
The main problem with pellets is lasting longer throughout the smoke, but you are creative you might find ways to keep a continual supply of pellets delivered as you cook.
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The one problem I can see with the Bradley bisquettes (other than price), is their availability. After checking with Amazon, they average .44 a piece, buying a 60 pack. I can get chucks for much less.
If you don't buy them online, there are very few places to buy them locally (at least in the New England states). So, if you run out, you have to wait to replenish your supply online and wait for delivery, whereas, if I run out of chips, chunks or logs, they are available at many outlets anywhere.
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Also when buying online you have to factor in the shipping cost as part of the total cost of the puck which raises them up pretty good for what you get...

I found them online at ManVenture 48 count @ 12.54 +Shipping and Packaging and Insurance, it really raises the cost...

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I'm happy to say I got rid of my 6 rack Bradley (used once!) and a few others in favor of an Amerique.
I grabbed the Bradley because it was a great deal, but really, really like the Amerique.
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