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Remote Thermo Range Boost

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While browsing around for some new remote thermos I started reading about the Maverick ET-73 Smoker Thermometer on and checking out the reviews on it. Most complaints were the same as for other thermos: the range is less than it should be. One guy that replied with a review also posted a way that he found to double or even triple the range of this thermo and he said that there's no reason it shouldn't work on other brands.
All you need is 2.5 feet of 22 gauge copper or steel wire and for tools:

Soldering Iron (along with flux and solder)
Sandpaper or some type of file (an emery board would even work)
Wire cutters
Drill (or Dremel Moto type tool) and small drill bit (1/16")
Very small (jewelers sized) Philips screwdriver

That and you need steady hands and know how to solder (I can't solder to save my soul).

Here's a link to see how it's done:
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WOW, that is cool. Awesome post. I think everyone that has one of these units is plagued by the same thing, a loss of signal once out of the line of sight. Otherwise, these are great units. I will be modifying mine asap as winter is coming and I don't like going out in the cold to check my therm. Points for a great technical post.
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I think it alsoicon_smile.gif
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maybe it's because my smoker is up on the 2nd tier of my deck off the back of the house but I never have a problem with receiving signal from my ET-73 - I go to the front yard and work on my car, etc. and still get a reading.
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If I have my UDS turned with the thermo bracket away from the house, I drop the link.
I will do this mod.
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You guys that did the mod - how did it work?

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I would like to know how that works out. You need to pay to see all the steps. My Maverick ET7 is only a couple of months old so I don't want to mess with it. I don't even consider it a remote thermometer, If I get more that 10' away from the transmitter it loses the signal. The worst part is sometimes you don't even know it lost the signal, it just keeps displaying the last reading. I don't even take the reciever out of the box anymore.

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i'm not sure what thermo i bought, but it was the one from walmart in lawn and garden where all the BBQ stuff cost 16.00 bucks and i haven't any issue with it and it a remote thermo too....i place the transmitter on a table next to the smoker and i can get a reading no matter where i'm in the house....i'll get my BBQ toolbox out in a few and post back what brand it is..........bob



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