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Picked up a Thermapen

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While I was grilling some chicken breast last night I was trying to use my cheap Walmart instant read. Well the darn thing takes so damn long it was heating up the head on the therm and I was afraid it was going to burn, melt or just give up the ghost. All the while the chicken turned out to dry for my liking.

Well I had enough of that and went a head on all the recommendations from here and other reviews and bought myself a yellow Thermapen instant read. I hope it's as good as I suspect it to be.
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Congratulations on your buy...
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You will love it! I have had one for quite a while and am always using it. It is accurate and very fast.
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Yup. biggrin.gif Apparently the word "instant" means a lot of different things to different manufacturers.

You will love the Thermapen.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I hope that you love your thermapen as much as I love mine. It truly ranks up there in my arsenal as much as a sharp knife and a cold beer. I would truly be lost without helps me produce results that are consistent and delicious.

I owe a buddy for helping me out with a competition, and you got it...I'm buying him a thermapen as a gift. I believe in them that much.
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You should like it, I sure use the heck out of mine. Even the wife uses it, helped her meat cooking a bunch!
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They are awesome.Treat it kindly and you should get years out of one.

I also have a taylor commercial and all of the higher quality are well worth the price IMHO.
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You are gonna love it my friend. I've got the one that also reads surface trhough infra red, both functions are extremely accurate, and quick.
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Mine should be here wed.... Although i have a mav-7, a mav-73 and a weber single probe, I dont see myself needing them anymore... I did spend the xtra 20 bucks and got the waterproof one... It rains alot herebiggrin.gif
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I guess I'm still old school cause I'm still using my probe models but I have seen the thermopen in action at the gathering and they are quick but just not so quick to jump in my buggy so far.
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I've got a yellow one as well, and love it! Wish I bought one of these early on in the game rather than spend the $$ I did on replacement probes/units.

Hope you enjoy yours!
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Thanks guys, still waiting.
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LOL well i reckon the amazon site had a bad estimate on delivery cuz i now have it in my hand !!biggrin.gif
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You suck tongue.giftongue.gif
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I received the Thermapen yesterday and got a chance to use it today. First thing; it is a lot larger than what I had expected. That is a good thing as I thought it was going to be a fragile piece.

We used it for fried chicken and I seriously don't know why I hadn't bought this years ago. It is right on the money as far as temps go and FAST!!!

I also used it to measure the temp of the water for some fresh baked bread (new bread machine biggrin.gif)

I'm really liking it so far.
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Congratulations on the new toy... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The read speed of the Thermopen is fantastic. Pricey, yes, but worth it.
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I have had one for a while now and you will love yours - They are so handy
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