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ash removal tool

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hi folks,
i have what i think is a new braunsfel hondo or blackdiamond pre charbroil
i made a charcoal basket, my question is what do you guys or gals use as a tool to remove the ashes if leaving the basket in the smoker. currently i am using a metal type spatula i got with a chinese wok years ago just looking for some new ideas. buy the way what is the difference between a hondo and blackdiamond ?
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Cant help you on the diff in the two but I use a shop vac on my firebox the next day. I always dump the vac instantly incase I have smoldering into a metal bucket and then I dispose when teh bucket is full or I need soemthing to do. I like to keep my box very clean form ash as I believe the ash will absorb moisture from the air and cause rusting inside the firebox
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I have an extra spatula that is the kind used for picking up a roast, works pretty good for removing the ash.
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My charcoal basket doesn't sit flat on the bottom, so I throw some heavy duty foil down and cover as much as I can. Then I put the charcoal basket on top of that. When I'm done, I just pull out the charcoal basket, roll up the foil, and shop vac whatever is left (usually minimal).

I haven't found a good way to clean it if I left the basket in the smoker, however.
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I have a small shovel I got from Home Depot and it works well and it just cost me a few bucks.
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I use an ash scoop from an old fireplace set that I pounded a curve into. I used a mulberry stump that is basically the same diameter as my firebox to shape it with a hammer. It matches the curve almost perfectly. I use that old set for many things. The poker is good for the fire pit. The tongs come in handy there too, as well as for picking up nasty things that I choose not to discuss at this time. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I too shop vac it. Muy easy.
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