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Package from Rivet

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I have been meaning to post this.
A few days back I received a package from Rivet.
I was fortunate to get some of his Satan's Salsa and a few other goodies.

Firstly on the salsa, thank you so much John, another great batch, tasted amazing and the aroma, I want to put it in one of those scented plug ins so I can smell it all day long.

He also sent a few shakers of rub, haven't tried the lemon lime yet but will next time I smoke chicken, the brisket rub was really tasty, a bit salty but other than that really good. Then the chimichurri rub/marinade, going to season a chuckie with one of the packs and see what happens.

Thanks so much for everything John, people like you are what makes this such great and fun thing to do.
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nice haul!!
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Great selection of items... Congratulations on a successful exchange...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Hey thanks so much, Jim, that alone tells me I have created an awesome salsa! Glad you liked it and agree that the smell is terrific. I'm thinking that it will also be a great "base" for chili now that the weather is getting cold. Planning for just that, over here with some smoked meat....not sure yet which.

I'm thinking your burnt ends might be just about right....
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I had some of Rivet's habenero salsa at the NW Florida Bash. Man was that good juju! points.gif
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I way one of the lucky recipiants of rivets salsa and it's really good stuff and it was well received at the Fla gathering. I am as we speak putting a package for Dude adides for exchange. This is a cool idea and cudos to who thought of it
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