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freezing pulled pork

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weather looking bad for a party in about 10-12 days. if i cook 2 pork shoulers today, pull them, and freeze them would they still be good for the party?

any reheating suggestions?
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Vacuum Seal

I've done it with good results. I vacuumed sealed individual portions and froze. To reheat I dropped the bag in boiling water. You have to keep an eye on the bag though, if you leave it in too long it could burst open.
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I have done it 2 ways. First way is in the crock pot and let it heat up slowly if you have the time. The next way is a pasta pot with the double boiler type with two pots and that way to me works the best and it seems to add some moisture back into the meat also. I have heard here that you can boil some water and put it into it to re-heat your pork. One thing that you should if you haven't yet in but a Food Saver unit it's worth it's weight in gold.
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I do it almost eerytime I smoke. I nce cooked 12 butts, pulled and froze them all. I put mine in freezer bags and press them flat and push out the air and freeze. A vaccum sealer would be much better.

To reheat- I ahve used the microwave, Oven, Smoker, but the crock pot probably works the best. Add a little liquid and warm up slowly...
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Guess you've gotten your answers, freezes perfectly.
If you have a vacuum sealer then you could drop the bags into simmering water until reheated but usually if I have a bunch to reheat I just dump the meat into a large hotel pan, cover with foil and put in the oven at 275 until hot.
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Steam, crock or oven have worked

Agree with the posters above.

No real downside to the freezing flavor-wise, so long as vacuum-packed.

I liked the steamed results the best, but crock pot is a great way to control the heat while it comes up to temp.

Good luck 13spicerub!
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I usually just freeze them whole, double wrapped in heavy foil, then into a garbage can. Take out when ready, let thaw, and warm up in oven. Seems to hold the moisture better. I have froze it pulled and it does work just seems to be a little dryer.
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Vacuum sealer is your friend... works great every time.
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