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? on price?

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For a pork butt what is a good price and for how many lbs??

I found pork butts 5.50 for 2lbs.

Every one says they get 8lbs wheres the best place to buy?? sorry I'm a noob
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Sam's Club has good prices. $5.50 for 2 lbs is kind of high for a butt...
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butt here today 69 cents a lb. normal 99 to 1.79
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Thats pretty pricey for a butt, unless it was from a local butcher and certified organic or something like that. 5.50 for 2lbs of BB is kind of a rip off.
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Unless you live outside of the US where pork prices may be higher. I've read on this forum that some people can't even find a rack of ribs where they live. Now thats just crazy.
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Kroger has them here for .79 a pound. Thats price is a little high
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The Kroger here went from $0.69lb to $1.69 last week.

Imagine my distress...
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BJ Wholesale here has them for 1.09 a pound.
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I typically can get bone in butts on sale for $.89 - $.99 lb. @ local markets.

When I want a really good one I go to a local butcher who raises his own pigs, I pay $2.19/lb.. I am getting a 6# butt from him for my daughters b-day this upcoming weekend, I put in the order on Sunday for pick-up Friday afternoon.
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Our local Sam's club has been selling two cryopac'd butts for $0.89 to $1.09 a pound all year long. Dropped by Saturday looking to pick up 4 butts and all they had were individual butts for $1.69 per pound. Left empty handed and concerned.
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Butts here go for about $1.89 lb now. I have seen them on sale for around 0.89-1.09 lb.
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Wife pointed out the Kroger add for .99 a pound in the Sunday paper. I can't remember .69 for a loooooooong time. .89 to maybe 1.59 seems about average round these parts. Finding the larger ones seems to be the hard part now a days. 4-5 pounders abound but 8-11 are like almost unheard of at my regular haunts. I like doing the bigger butts when I can find them.

I have been thinking about doing up a mess of Chili Verde but I have missed the flea market the past couple of weekends to round up a mess of tomatillios
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We can find them at Sam's for 1.28 lb here in Fla.
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What quality are they? Most of the stuff I find here in Jax is saturated with nitrates. I can get a good deal at Publix now and then and when i do, I buy a box.

I did see an ad in paper for I believe Houston Meats near downtown jax. they had pork spare ribs $1.25 lb limit 30 lbs (1 box) and butts for .99c limit one box.

I'll keep an eye out for the ad again... I just hate going anywhere near downtown while driving.
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