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Fabulous5 Star Exchange with Cowgirl

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Fabulous exchange with Cowgirl for a Fattie Press.

I traded Jeanie some KC Sauces and Spice for one of her fattie presses, I couldn't be happier with my trade...

Definitely a 5 Star Trade...

Thanks Jeanie...
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those are cool........
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Woo-Hoo! Good deal, now you're committed to showing us your new fatties!

Got to love the exchange program...
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You are just wearing out that exchange program. I saw that fattie press when she posted it here. It looks like it will work just fine.
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Yep, Got something you want or want to trade? PM Me...icon_mrgreen.gif
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OK, you send me a Black Angus beef and I'll send you these.biggrin.gif

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What's that little one doing layin' down?

(p.s. I used to live in Cortez)
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We have too many of those now...

The City was going to start killing them off the 1st of October...

The bad part is Nobody gets the meat...
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Nice trade, though I think the piston ought to come with two filling sleeves for refrigeration purposes. Does anyone here really just smoke em one at a time? :)
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That just ain't right man....

I'm lucky I see one of those a year...
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Nice exchange.

Here inside Des Moines city limits there's been a program where they'll allow a couple of experienced bow hunters to go and take a few deer out within the city limits. I believe then they donate the meat to the food bank.
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Let's her it for Jeanie, she always comes through with a winning hand.
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I had promised to trade with Paul before I found out that Grillinski was planning on selling his piston.
Here is a link to his site... his looks a bit different than mine

I've still not heard from him so I have no idea if the site is up and running.

My package from Paul arrived, and I'm very happy with the goodies!! Hope to post a pic of them soon.
Thank you Paul!!
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Keith, I'll take a couple of those! biggrin.gif
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Jeanie, yours is better than Grillinski's because you made it and I am hoping some of your talent rubbed off on it...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Send me in there with my bow and a fist full of arrows and I'll thin them out. It seems to me that there would be some type of food program that feeds the hungry that could put that meat to good use. That is such a waste!!
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