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Another Exchange with 3Montes

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Got a package today from an exchange with 3Montes~ made my day PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I sent him a couple bottles of chipotle rubs and Satan's Salsa. I got back 3 pound-and-a-half bags of locally grown wild rice (he'd sent some non-local pure wild-rice in a previous exchange that was excellent) and a couple big bags of el-primo Pepperidge Farm stuffing.

Really looking forward to trying this different wild-rice. As good as the last ones were, hard to imagine better, but Mrs Rivet and I are really looking forward to trying it. We can't get 100% wild rice here, 'cause it's all mixed in with white rice.

If you haven't tried pure wild-rice, then you haven't eaten, folks and I mean that. Wow~ Butter and salt and an unbelievable taste......

Thanks for keeping the exchange alive, much appreciated!
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very cool!
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Way to go Rivet...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You guys are working this exchange hard aren't you. Enjoy
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It is a cheap way to taste regional foods, I just wish there were ways to exchange perishable items not available in the some areas of the USA...

My Moto "Taste The USA, Exchanges Welcome".icon_mrgreen.gif
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RIVET How are you guys sending the products.USPS flat rate etc...
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Glad you got the package allright Rivet. Let me know how you like the rice. There are a million wild rice recipes to try out there. I am going to make a Oktoberfest wild rice soup real soon here. I really get into soups and stews this time of year.
Made my honey/chipolte baby backs again this weekend using your rub. They were a big hit like last time. The first bottle of rub is already gone!
And the uh Satans Salsa??? FANTASTIC!! I only put out half a jar and it didn't last long. I got stingy held back the other half otherwise it would have been gone by the time the football game was over. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif But that is some great stuff. Let me know next time you whip up another batch. Be happy to do another exchange.biggrin.gif

ALX. Rivet and Beer-B-Q have been sending me products via USPS. I work at Fed Ex so I of course ship to them using Fed Ex. biggrin.gif

Yep this exchange program is a great thing!!
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