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MES Cover?

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I have the 30" MES and am moving to a new home that does not have a covered smoking area & it will have to be stored outside. Does anyone know of a cover that will fit the 30" MES, if I can not get one from Masterbuilt?

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Try this....
Bradley Smoker Cover $30 "Bradley Smoker Weather Guard Cover, 6 - Rack"
That's what I use.
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I know Masterbuilt has them, at least for the 40".
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If you go to a Lowes or check the online store they have covers for 7 dollars. They aren't made by masterbuilt but they have an elastic bottom and fit perfectly. Here is the link.
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I have the same one I got from Home Depot. Works fine and for under $10 bucks how can you go wrong.
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Thanks guys!
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