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pepper harvest 2009 w/qview

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harvested all the peppers right before i left for the elk hunt as forcast was calling for freezing weather... what i got was
pobloanos and anehiems

hot bannanas, habaneros, serranos, jalepenos, paprika, and assorted bells...

now not really knowing what i am doing here, i decided to smoke/dehydrate some and dehydrate the rest. the bells i kept just for kitchen use. so i loaded up the MES with poblanos, anehiems(i really dont know if these are even worth messing with but they were so nice...), and jalepenos.

and the dehydrator with more poblanos and anehiems, the habeneros, hot bannanas, and serranos.

smoked the peppers in the mes, used three small loads of maple wood chips, and then just left them in till dehydrated. had the temp set at 140 deg. ended up with,
poblanos, now maby called anchos???

jalepenos, i think if i could a left them on till they turned full red they would be considered chipoltes. but they were still mostly green.

and some a them anehiems...

as for the dehydrator...



hot bannanas


and still going in the dehydrator are the paprika peppers, they have alot more meat to them so take longer to dry out i guess.

i guess when i get a chance i will run thru the food processor or coffee grinder and make flakes and sample and see about maybe blending them together. we will see what happens down the road... thks for cking the pix!!!
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That's quite the haul there erain!

Hope the hunt goes as well.
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i love all chillis.......looks great!
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Nice job.I started splitting peppers in half -leaving a hinge for handling-years ago.It speeds up drying and gives me smoke on more of pepper.
Bunch a ways to skin a cat anyways..

Great way to extend the harvestPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now those are some really fine looking peppers and quite the haul too. How much land did you plant? Now I guess you will grind them up and leave this like that and re-hydrate as needed maybe.
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Erain, those are some BEAUTIFUL peppers you smoked...before and after. Thanks for sharing your bounty~ you're gonna have some great spices this winter!

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Great looking peppers... looks like you are set for the winter...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice crop!!!!!!!!!

For not knowing what you were doing...well, I must say youv'e done a fantastic job...I see enough dried chillis & peppers to know I want to grow a bunch next season.

Thanks for sharing a great harvest and process! points.gif

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Very nice erain, I am impressed !!!

You are gonna have a homegrown spicy Superbowl party when the Vikings are competing, the chili should be very noteworthy !!!
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Wow, great end of season harvest.
Great variety of peppers too.
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Great job Erain, I was wondering how they came out.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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